Friday, December 26, 2008

Greek Alphabets

Has anyone ever wondered why we use alpha, beta,etc in science? After doing some research I found out that these are Greek alphabets (and maybe sound cool to the scientist, well at least I think so). So here are some of them.

Αα Alpha

Νν Nu

Ββ Beta

Ξξ Xi

Γγ Gamma

Οο Omicron

Δδ Delta

Ππ Pi

Εε Epsilon

Ρρ Rho

Ζζ Zeta

Σσς Sigma

Ηη Eta

Ττ Tau

Θθ Theta

Υυ Upsilon

Ιι Iota

Φφ Phi

Κκ Kappa

Χχ Chi

Λλ Lambda

Ψψ Psi

Μμ Mu

Ωω Omega

If you want extra info go here:

BTW, if you use this as your profile name it will be hell for the person to type it out(if he/she doesn't know) so feel free to use it.


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