Sunday, May 15, 2011

A USD$25 computer

Don't expect much when you see it.

Raspberry Pi Computer only USD$25 a Pop

Finally here’s a solution you can give to those pesky little people asking you what computer they should buy before telling you they want something small, basic internet usage and do not want a netbook: this Raspberry Pi computer that is barely larger than an average USB stick. Do not look down on it’s boring appearance that could do better with at least a casing, the Raspberry Pi (do you feel like you’re suddenly craving for raspberry pies?) is actually functional enough for modern use with a 700MHz ARM 11 processor, a USB port, a HDMI port and an install of Ubuntu Linux.
To get this thing working, all you need to do is plug it into a display via the HDMI port and a keyboard via the USB port and voila! You have yourself a new computer. While I guess a normal user won’t fancy a thing like that, it’s actually designed to encourage schoolchildren to hack and modify it to unlock its true potential.  Yes, schoolchildren because you must start them off young. 
The Raspberry is packed with 128MB of SDRAM, OpenGL ES2.0, 1080p HD decoding, composite output, SD card slot and other software such as Iceweasel and Python. Additionally, a 12MP camera sensor can be connected to it too. Oh and not forgetting the price, the ultra-small computer comes with an ultra-affordable price too at USD$25; well, rather affordable at least for a computer at least.



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