Saturday, February 15, 2020

Alternative wiper to New Proton Persona 2016 model

The new Proton Persona released in 2016 (recently face lifted by Geely in 2019) uses the push tab (21 mm) adapter for its wiper, similar to continental car wipers. It's recommended size is 24+16 .
This design is not as common as the U hook wipers found in Malaysia. And not to mention online vendors keep using the old Persona wipers using the U hook design with 21+19.
This means that they are quite difficult to find unless going to online vendors. And some wiper models do cost more than RM100 in total. The other option is going to the official proton centre to get replacements, cost around RM70.
Recently I found that a local Tesco store is having a promo for multihook adapters from Goodyear which can be used. I found a set using 22+16  and it cost about RM48 in total. Previously the cost an extra RM5 per wiper.
The size might be a bit smaller for one side but it works nonetheless. It is a rubber wiper as there is no mention of silicone on the packaging.
Hopefully this would help people who have difficulty finding the push tab design wipers.


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