Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Great Wall Movie Review

Hi. I'm back after a long hiatus and lot's of stuff happened throughout those times, both good and bad.

Anyway, here's the movie review for The Great Wall which I watched at TGV Aeon Kepong.

The movie starring Matt Damon, a mercenary who gets captured (no surprise here) while trying to enter China (at least that's new) and is somehow got involved into defending the Great Wall. The movie also has Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau and Eddie Peng as co-stars.


"When a mercenary warrior (Matt Damon) is imprisoned within the Great Wall, he discovers the mystery behind one of the greatest wonders of the world. As wave after wave of marauding beasts besiege the massive structure, his quest for fortune turns into a journey toward heroism as he joins a huge army of elite warriors to confront the unimaginable and seemingly unstoppable force."

For the story, it's not much to shout about and just enough to keep the plot going. There are some big names from the Chinese industry but they just serve as side characters. There is some romance but not all out between Matt Damon and Jing Tian. The explanation on the beasts that are attacking are minimal and there is a little bit of Attack on Titan feel because of the wall.

Visuals: (3.5/5)
Visually, this movie is nice to watch due to the colors of the soldiers uniforms, the weapons they used and the CGI for the beasts is surprisingly not as bad as I expected. The scenery around the Great Wall and the desert was nice and just enough to keep the plot going.

Acting was good for this movie as expected from the big names on this movie. Even the side characters were good although not all were given enough screen time to shine. What's surprising was how fluent Jing Tian's english was in this movie given that most mixed partnership for movies tend to have some flaw in the language department.

Overall: (3.5/5)
Nice movie to watch when you have the time and want a straightforward plot but not a must watch movie.


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