Friday, June 17, 2011

Tough iPad Alternative

For those people who want to have a tablet computer but afraid that it might break easily might consider this especially for those who always misplace their stuff.

Panasonic unveils Android Toughbook slate for Q4, sledgehammer sold seperately

Panasonic announces Toughbook tablet
Tired of handling your tablet with kid gloves? Go ahead, take them off -- a Toughbook slate is heading your way. Strutting its stuff at InfoComm this week, Panasonic's Android Toughbook tablet boasts a sunlight-friendly 10.1-inch multi-touch display, satellite-based GPS, full-shift battery life and optional 3G / 4G connectivity. Wrap it up in the same badass durability as its snowmobile-abused, tiger-gnawed brethren, and you've got a Android slab for the everyman. No specifics on pricing or release just yet, but feel free to hit up the press release after the break for a slew of feel-good factoids.


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