Monday, September 14, 2009

Plants as Mosquito Repellants

Mosquitoes are always annoying especially when they buzz around your ear when you sleep.

To deter further intrusion, most of us will use mosquito aerosols which can kill us in high concentrations.

So I scoured the Internet and found 5 plants that can repel mosquitoes.

5: Catnip

Catnip is a perennial that's related to mint. Its aroma may attract feline friends, but it's that same scent that keeps mosquitoes away.

4: Marigold

Marigolds are a popular plant with gardeners, but mosquitoes don't like them at all. The scent is rumored to deter mosquitoes, which we think makes this carefree annual even more attractive. 

3: Ageratum

Ageratum, also known as flossflower and pussy foot, is an annual grown for its tiny blue blossoms. A relative of the sunflower, these pretty plants also send mosquitoes on their way.

2: Lemon Balm

The sweet, lemony scent of lemon balm makes it perfect for teas and wine. It's also perfect for keeping mosquitoes from lurking around.

1: Lavender

The top plant for keeping mosquitoes out of your garden is one of the most popular herbs around: lavender.

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5 comments : said...

hopefully that works! i hate mosquitoes!nanged u! nang me back if want to know more about spm trial questions leak! nang me!

fifi said...

Do u know where can I get hold of these plants in malaysia? Thanks : )

lionel0008 said...

Not sure specifically but you could find out the common name for the plants in Malaysia and ask about them in a local plant nursery.

Unknown said...

I just read somewhere that you could find Lemon Balm in MARDI Cameron Highlands.

John Grehhem said...

I think citronella the best repellent, they are realy afraid this herb.


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