Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fake Maybank 2u site

Beware of fake Maybank2u email.

Found this on forum, credits to amd9999 for sharing.

Banks do not send in e mails with a link to their site.

The URL is definitely fake if you observe carefully.

Ignore all e-mails claiming they are sent from banks and never type in your password and username unless you want to part with your money.

Double CNY movie treat

Last Thursday, i had a chance to watch not one but two movies in a day at a place called Sunway Carnival Mall at Penang with my relatives there.

We went there in 2MPVs and a normal car with a total of 14 people, 12 adults and two kids.

Upon arrival at the cinema (GSC), it was packed with people buying tickets.

Luckily for us, my cousin booked 15 tickets online for two movies, (RM9 each)the extra one was supposed to be for my cousin who FFK-ed.

Anyays, the first movie we watched started at about 1pm which is the 72 Tenants of Prosperity in which the tittle itself is a tribute to The House of 72 Tenants.

The first impression was this movie screams big budget with so many Hong Kong stars around especially those from TVB.

The story revolves around the tenants of a HK street and centres around the rivalry between two mobile phone shop owners who are played by Eric Tsang and Jacky Cheung who tried to win the love of Eric Tsang's wife played by Anita Yuen.

There was also a backstory which pays tribute to the House of 72 Tenants in which the late Lydia Sum Tin Ha's character is played by her daughter while there were younger versions of Eric Tsang, Jacky Cheung and Anita Yuen's characters played by Justin Lo, Raymond Lam Fung and Chen Fala respectively.

Bosco Wong, Linda Chung and Wong Cho Lam got some worthwhile screen time as the sons and daughter of the two rivals.

Michael Jackson tribute by Bosco Wong.

Some songs are sung in the movie with one tribute to Sam Hui who was a famous canto-pop singer in the 70s and I heard that his son is also in the movie.

There are a lot of cameo appearances and a short mention of Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist.

(The full cast can be found here:

Lots of laughs all the way and the number of famous cast will keep you alert to spot them.

Basically this a feel good movie and there isn't really any complicated storyline but really wortwhile.

I give it a 4 out of 5 rating for funny jokes all the way day but the so called main villain,played by Kate Tsui, did not have enough screen time.

The second movie which was All Well Ends Well 2010 started at about 4pm with a one hour break for some food and rest.

This movie is also made for CNY especially and although it does not have as many stars as the previous movie, it still promises delivers funny jokes.

The story is about the people of Fa Tien country and centres around the events that happen when their princess returns from studying at Central China for 10 years.

The princess is played by Angelababy and she is escorted by a general played by Ronald Cheng who in the midst of sending her home got separated when they were attacked by robbers on an island.

An identity crisis occurs when a girl they saved was thought to be a princess and sent to the palace.

Meanwhile, the princess lost her memory and was found by the father of the girl they saved.

The king of the country who is played by Louise Khoo Tin Lok and an old maid (refers to someone who can't get married) played by Ng Kwan Yu provides most of the laughs with witty dialogue and funny actions.

The climax of the movie was reached when the king organises a competition to find a suitor for the fake princess (which sounds vaguely familiar) which was participated by the general, the real princess (?!) and the lover of the fake princess.

This movie starts out a bit boring in the beginning but gets better along the way and still entertaining event withe the small number of famous cast.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 which may sound a bit harsh but this movie is a bit cliched and reuses some old ideas a bit too much but still nevertheless a great movie to watch.

Oh yeah. Before I forget, there was a scene from Ip Man that was shown in both movies.

In the first movie it was potryed by Linda Chung while in the second one it was by Louise Khoo.

And finally, I wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year!

(a bit late but CNY is celebrated for 15 days) XD

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Digi Broadband for students

I found this Digi Broadband ad on Facebook and it seems quite cheap and good considering you can get 0.7mbps max download speed and 0.2mbps max upload for RM 58 per month and free modem.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Malaysia's iPad?!

Seems that ever since the iPad emerged there seems to be many people wanting to create something similiar.

Malaysian company CSL will manufacture JooJoo and sell it at USD 499 (same as the iPad) when it's out.

JooJoo will be manufactured by Malaysia’s CSL Group

Mobile handset manufacturer CSL Group is unheard of here, but in Southeast Asia it claims to sell more handsets than anyone besides Nokia. CSL stands for “Commitment Service Loyalty,” and Malaysians buy a lot of CSL’s flagrantly-named Blueberry smartphones.

They’re more than big enough to handle manufacturing of Fusion Garage’s JooJoo tablet computer, which began life as TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington’s CrunchPad. Compared to Apple’s iPad tablet, the JooJoo has a much larger screen that also boasts widescreen movie resolution, and much simpler software than Apple’s gesture-driven applications. On the JooJoo, everything is done in a browser window. There are no downloadable apps. Unlike the iPad, it eagerly supports Flash animation in Web pages.

Let’s be clear: The JooJoo will be built across the ocean, but it’s target market is very much the United States of America, where people blow $500 on a Kindle.

JooJoo’s maker, Fusion Garage, began taking orders for the $499 units — same price as an entry-level Apple iPad — in mid-December, with a promise to ship in “8-10 weeks.” It looks like the deal with CSL will enable that to happen. In a phone interview Sunday, Fusion Garage CEO Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan pledged that the first JooJoos will be in customers’ hands before the end of February.

The arrangement between Fusion Garage and CSL Group, Rathakrishnan told me, removes all of Fusion Garage’s upfront costs of manufacturing, in exchange for a royalty that CSL will receive on each JooJoo tablet sold.

I’ve followed the JooJoo story avidly because it’s a real-life example of the stuff Wired magazine talks about nowadays: Anyone with an idea can get a product built and sold by outsourcing everything but the idea itself.

In the case of the JooJoo, Arrington has filed a lawsuit claiming that Fusion Garage, the 13-person Singapore company that built the first prototype CrunchPads, stole his idea and renamed it JooJoo so they could sell it themselves and cut him out of the picture except as a product evangelist.

Lawsuits are boring, but the fact that one guy’s blog post can turn into a mass-market product that challenges Apple and Amazon is pretty cool.

Update: Fusion Garage has put out a press release about their partnership with CSL.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chinese iPad?!

China seems to have released the"iPad", 6 months before it is released and sells at USD 525!


Give it up to the Chinese for being quick on their feet. This P88, looks like a giant iPhone, and it has already been in manufacturing for six months already. Did Apple copy the P88?

The P88 has a resistive screen, has a 250GB hard drive, an ethernet port, a webcam, and run Windows. It also gets an hour and a half of battery life, and costs, $525. Still! The intellectual property of Shenzhen Great Loong Brother will not be wrongly appropriated! At least, not if SGLB president Xiaolong Wu has anything to say about it:

We are considering legal action, but we can not do much in the United States. But if Apple brings the iPad to China, we will be forced to denounce them, because it will certainly affect our sales.

It sounds so much better than the iPad considering having a webcam on its own is already a plus point. [El Mundo via Wired]


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