Saturday, May 29, 2010

Streamyx Netbook package from RM38

Breaking news!

Streamyx has finally has a package for non-students and has a free netbook to boot.

As part of the National Broadband Initiative (NBI), Telekom Malaysia and the Malaysia Government have launched a broadband and netbook package called “Pakej Jalur Lebar TM dengan Komputer 1Malaysia” specifically for lower-income households.

The new package starts from RM38 per month for 24 months. The RM38 package comes with 384Kbps Streamyx and a netbook called Komputer 1Malaysia.

Consumers have the options to go for higher speed at cheaper price(4Mbps at RM88) or choose the HP Netbook at a slightly higher price. Those who signed up for the new package will receive:

* Streamyx broadband Internet access with speeds starting from 384Kbps
* One (1) Komputer 1Malaysia or Hewlett Packard (HP) Netbook with 160GB or 250 GB hard disk, 1 GB memory with integrated Webcam and WiFi capability plus FREE delivery anywhere nationwide
* One (1) FREE Streamyx Zone account and access
* One (1) FREE wireless modem with a 12-month warranty period
* One (1) Streamyx email account (
* Add-on choice of the RM10 Call Plan
* Waiver of installation fees (RM88) and activation fees (RM75)

ccess Speeds Streamyx + Komputer 1Malaysia netbook (For the 1st 24 months and beyond) (RM) Streamyx + HP Netbook (RM)
1st 24 months From the 25th month onwards
384Kbps 38 59 38
512Kbps 53 74 53
1Mbps 68 89 68
2Mbps 83 104 83
4Mbps 88 109 88

To be eligible to subscribe for the Broadband with Netbook Package, the potential subscriber must meet the following criteria:

  • The individual must be from households with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below for rural residents throughout the country.
  • The individual must be from households with a month income of RM5,000 and below for those staying at urban areas

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