Sunday, January 31, 2010

Streamyx Cool Uni Pack Launched

TM releases Uni Pack which is cheaper than current internet prices but the speed is a bit slow...


TM’s special package for university students offers a netbook and FREE Streamyx service for just RM50 per month.

To be eligible to subscribe for the Streamyx Cool UNI Pack, students must meet the following criteria:
  • The students must be from households with a monthly income of RM3000 or less.
  • Students must be enrolled as 1st or 2nd year students at any public or private higher educational institution in Malaysia.
  • Students must be endorsed by the Student Affairs Unit of the respective university or college.

With only RM50 per month, eligible students who subscribe to the Streamyx Cool UNI Package will get:

  • FREE Streamyx broadband Internet access at 384Kbps
  • One (1) FREE wireless modem with a 12-month warranty period
  • Waiver of activation fee (RM75) and Installation fee (RM88)
  • 50% discount on the 1st month subscription fee

One (1) FREE Streamyx Zone account

  • 50 songs download per month for 12 months from TM’s music portal, Hypptunes (
  • One (1) Streamyx email account (
  • Dynamic Internet Protocol (IP)
  • One (1) Hewlett Packard (HP) Netbook with 250 GB harddisk, 1 GB memory plus FREE delivery anywhere nationwide

To sign up for the Streamyx Cool UNI Pack, students would need to bring the following documents to any TM’s Streamyx sales counter or TMpoint outlet:

  • A copy of their Malaysian identification card
  • A copy of their student identification card
  • Application form with endorsement from their respective university or college

In conjunction with the launch of TM’s Streamyx Cool UNI Pack, TM will be conducting road-shows at university campuses throughout the country to promote the package. To complement the package, TM will also be expanding its Streamyx Zone locations to cover the grounds of the universities to offer free wireless Internet access to all students.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hitler hates the iPad

Just a random video I found since the iPad was recently annouced.

Missing Child Plz Help

I found this link on twitter recently and hope that you can help spread this message so that the girl can be saved somehow.

Original link:

Dear All,

At 2pm of 7 Jan 2010, my colleague received a phonecall from her nursery that they have lost her daughter, aged 8, Malay at Sri Damansara area. Her name is Nurul Lyana. Nurul was out to buy ice-cream together with another little girl at around 12pm, but didn't go back to her nursery after that. As told by the other girl, an unknown makcik brought Nurul to see puppy cat.

Please forward this to as many as you could, we need to save her!!! Please help.

If you have any information, please call me, Huang Lee Meng at 012-3877510 or Esther at 012-660 6052.

Send this out to people in Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia

Please keep sharing this on your profiles, many times a day. If you have more effective means of communicating (blog, myspace, twitter etc) please do so... Remember SHALINI

P/S: remember to adjust your post security to 'everyone'

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad Unveiled

Apple unveils the iPad which looks like an oversized iPhone but with much more features.

Apple shows off the iPad at last

UNVEILED: Jobs showing off the new iPad during an Apple event in San Francisco yesterday. — AP


PETALING JAYA: After weeks of speculation and anticipation by consumers and industry pundits, the worldwide wait ended when Apple chief executive Steve Jobs finally unveiled the iPad tablet computer in San Francisco yesterday.

The iPad is all that everyone has been anticipating it to be — a large-form tablet that is only 0.5in thick and weighs just 680g.

It features a big 9.7in LED backlit display (1,024 x 768-pixels) with multitouch capabilities and has a built-in accelerometer that allows the device to adjust the screen orientation either in portrait or landscape mode depending how the device is held.

The device runs on a custom 1GHz Apple A4 processor chip that handles both processing and graphics performance. It is also fully network capable with 802.11n WiFi and 3G connectivity.

It will ship with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of Flash memory. Apple claims the device has up to 10 hours of battery life and that it can sit for a month on standby without needing a charge.

Interestingly the iPad syncs with a Mac or PC over the same 30-pin sync cable that the iPhone uses, so it can sync all your photos, music, videos and applications in the same manner.

Apple also said that all applications and files from the App Store, iTunes store and the newly announced iBookstore will automatically sync to a user’s iTunes library.

BRAND NEW: The much anticipated Apple iPad. — AP

The iPad doesn’t completely overhaul the iPhone’s touch-driven interface. It is still very much a touch-driven experience so just about anyone who’s used an iPhone will immediately be familiar with the iPad’s interface.

The works

Like a Swiss army knife, the device has a long list of functions that include web surfing, gaming, and reading e-books.

Confident in its web surfing capabilities, Jobs said web browsing on the iPad is like holding the Internet in the palm of your hands.

Users can browse entire webpages using Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad and employ the same finger gestures used on the iPhone to scroll up and down, or flick pictures and pages.

SIMILAR: The iPad has the same touchscreen driven interface as the iPhone. — AP

Leveraging on Apple’s large collection of existing applications, the iPad can readily run any native iPhone application from the App Store. The iPad can run them either in their native resolution of 320 x 480-pixels or scale up them up to fit the entire screen.

Apple had several developers to showcase their applications during its press event in San Francisco with Electronic Arts showing off an iPad-optimised Need for Speed: Shift car racing game.

Initial impressions show a rather smooth-running game with high-resolution graphics. Driving the cars in the game is by both touch and motion controls.

Other applications announced for the iPad include a new version of iWorks featuring Pages, Keynote and Numbers that allow users to create text documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

The three applications will be available separately through the App Store for US$9.99 (RM34) each.

March date

Giving the Amazon Kindle a run for its money, the iPad also functions as an e-book reader, courtesy of Apple’s new iBooks application. The iPad will use Apple’s new iBookstore that will feature books from major and independent publishers.

The iPad comes in two versions — one with WiFi and the other with both WiFi and 3G.

It will go on sale in late March, with prices starting at US$499 (RM1,697) for WiFi-only models and up to US$829 (RM2,818) for the WiFi- and 3G-enabled 64GB model.

There was no announcement at the San Francisco event about when the iPad will be available in Malaysia.


Now your dog can twit

Latest news.

Now your dog can twit along with you on Twitter.

Although I doubt that he can actually tell you what's happening.

Mattel 'Puppy Tweets' Gives Dogs a Social Networking Voice

'Puppy Tweets,' according to CNN, is a new device from Mattel that dog owners can attach to their pup's collar, and use to follow Rover's every move... on Twitter.

The plastic tag, which comes equipped with a sound and motion sensor, also comes with pre-recorded tweets. Depending on your dog's movements and behavior, it'll post one of the tweets to your dog's Twitter account (unless you're the proud owner of Lassie, you'll probably have to take care of setting up the page yourself).

If he's barking up a storm at the mailman, for example, the gadget will automatically post a tweet saying, "YAHOOOOOOO!

Somedays you just gotta get your bark on." If she's just spent hours running around in circles, you may see a tweet on your smartphone to the effect of "I finally caught that tail I've been chasing and...OOUUUCHH!"

Director of marketing Susan Russo told CNN that the product "capitalizes on two popular trends - the use of social media and real time communication, as well as peoples' extreme love for their dogs."

The device is slated to debut at next month's Toy Fair in New York, and we imagine it'll probably find a pretty broad demographic -- few pet owners are as "rabid" about their animals as dog owners are. Call us old fashioned, but we kinda liked the days when dogs were following us on leashes, not on mini feeds. [From: CNN]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IDola: Malaysian made PC

With the boom of netbooks around the world, Malaysians are steadily catching up to the digital age as netbooks are much more affordable than typical notebooks.

Most of the netbooks now are made by companies in the US and Taiwan(where it all started).

And it seems that now Malaysia has its own portable PC which is the iDola which is now in version 2. (I never heard of it before though)

New version of iDola portable PC unveiled

INFORMATION IN A SINGLE CLICK: Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry officer Farawahida Kamarudin showing off the homegrown iDola portable PC. — Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR: The newest version of the homegrown iDola portable PC, developed by Mimos Bhd, brings information from the Internet directly to the user with just a single click, said Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili.

He said the intelligent Service Delivery Platform netbook spares users from having to use search engines as is normally required in conventional notebooks and netbook computers.

“The new innovation has given rise to the best local netbook and the ideal device for the roll out of the national broadband initiative,” he told a media briefing at the Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry here.

Also present was Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

Ongkili said the iDola is equipped with the second version of the Mimos-developed Jemapoh software, which can also be deployed in desktops, notebooks and mobile phones.

“iDola has full-fledged PC features, 1GB RAM (upgradable to 2GB), 802.11 b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as IPv6 enhanced multicasting technology.

“Content is categorised based on icons, providing faster access to iDola’s multilingual content in three clicks,” Ongkili said.

He said the computer will help make broadband a utility and increase domestic broadband adoption.

“It will also enable the Government to deliver its e-services directly to the public. As such, it will enhance interaction between the Government and the people,” he said.

Ongkili said the product is still new and the ministry has yet to fix a specific price for it. But if the orders exceed 1,000 units, the price could be as low as RM900 a unit.

Second try

Rais said he will be asking Ongkili to brief the Cabinet on the advantages of the iDola v2 because the previous version did not meet the specifications required.

“This iDola v2 is more sosphistciated and attractive, and is something that can be considered by the Government,” he said, adding that he will update Prime Minister Seri Najib Tun Razak on the product before it is showcased at the Pekan Digital Exposition in Pahang this month.

Rais said he will also hold discussions with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) on how best to promote the product to the public.

“Mimos and SKMM can plan how best to market this model because we are confident it can open a new chapter on computer use among Malaysians,” he said.

He said the model will also help realise the Government’s goal of seeing schoolchidren and kampung committee members equipped with computers. — Bernama

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Woohoo! movie review

woohoo movie malaysia %25e5%25a4%25a7%25e6%2597%25a5%25e5%25ad%2590 Pictures, Images and Photos
A strange movie tittle but it has a meaning behind it.

It is a word play on the word 'tiger dance' or 'five tigers' which are similiar in sound when spoken in Mandarin which is known as the first Malaysian made for CNY movie with an all Malaysian cast.

Anyways, I got to watch this movie on Wednesday night at Brem Mall.
It costs only RM6 per ticket. (11.20pm show)

The story centre upon a small village in Kuantan where they have a ritual 'tiger dance' every 60 years in the year of the tiger and can only be performed by those born in the year of the tiger.

At first I thought what was so special about it until I notice that what we have every year was actually the 'lion dance'.LOLZ

Originally, I was kinda skeptical about this movie because:
1)made in Malaysia
2)trailers seem to have no meaning
3)made by Astro
but in the end I was proven wrong.

The story centres upon the 'five tigers' who are Ah Beng, Ah Huat, Ah Rain, Alan and Bobby.

Ah Beng is a jobless guy who is looking for a job and a friend to Ah Rain and Ah Huat.

Ah Beng

Ah Rain is a guy who owns a photo studio where Ah Beng becomes a customer after being taunted by his neighbours about how they can afford going overseas by using asking his parents to fake it.
Ah Rain

After being found out by his neighbours and Ah Rain shop gets locked because he didn't pay the rental, Ah Beng found an ad for recruitment which does not require any experience, RM10k per month and must be born in the year of the tiger.

Along the way, Ah Beng Motorbike breaks down but luckily they meet Ah Huat.
Ah Huat who is a salted fish Char Kueh Tiow seller and a 'yes man' drives them to Kuantan even though his original destination is towards Penang, to learn how to make Hokkien mee from his mum.

Upon arriving to Kuantan, the three of them gets hired by Ah Lian along with Bobby who is a kung fu enthusiast from JB and Alan who is a the village chief's son to train for the 'tiger dance' with lots of jokes and gags included.

After a month was up, Ah Beng and Ah Rain found out that there was no pay and tried to leave the village but changes their mind after receiving the kindness of the villagers.

I could continue but I spoiled the movie far to much for those who wants to enjoy it.

The movie uses Cantonese and Mandarin as the main languages with some English,Hokkien and Malay in some shots.

I would say it is quite confusing for some but it captures the essence of Malaysia without any forced accents as it is their natural way of speaking.

The plot is actually quite linear but the humour is quite good and most of it can be understood without actually understanding most of the languages.

Overall, this is a good movie and I give it a 4 out of 5 for decent acting,many actors, good humour and captures the essece of Malaysian life.
(foreigners may give only 3 out of 5 because of the language)

I would recommend everyone to support this movie because it is worth your money.

For more info on the movie visit:
which is the official site in Chinese.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Astro B.yond Bloggers Night!

"Experience like never before,
See like never before,
Hear like never before,
Touch like never before,
Feel like never before."

Astro has recently launched its HD broadcast service (previously known as Astro HD) as Astro B.yond on 18 December 2009.Modesto Sri Hartamas

As it was still relatively unknown to most subscribers at that time, Astro has launched a Blogger's Night event at Modesto Sri Hartamas on 13th January with the help of Nuffnang to recruit the bloggers.The stage of the event.

Before that, thank you Nuffnang and Astro because I got invited. Woohoo!

The event starts at 7.30pm but arrived on scene about half an hour later with fellow blogger MichL. (Wanted to ask Wee Sheong to join but he was at Penang at the time...)


As we arrived late, there was no place to park the car and we had to resort to valet service which costs RM10 compared to RM5 if we found the parking ourself.



After registering (and writing our New Year's resolution), we were greeted with a scene of many people who seem all so familiar.( a high percentage of the attendees were bloggers)
Bloggers armed with DSLRs

We met up with Samuel to catch up on what we had missed in the first half an hour which thankfully (for Malaysian timing) we didn't.

MichL, me and Samuel

The event started slightly after 8pm with an opening speech by the emcee.
(sorry, Jojo Struys was not the emcee but she was present)

Later on was the speech by Astro COO officially declaring the event and showing the official TV commercial for Astro B.yond which was shot in HD(obviously).

Astro COO giving his welcoming speech and officiating the event.

There are currently 5 channels available in HD which are HBO HD, History HD, National Geographic HD, AstroSport HD and ESPN HD.

(which promises that the 2010 World Cup will be available in HD here. Something for the football fans to shout about)

The bloggers were also part of the event as celebrity bloggers such as , beautifulnara , Shaolin Tiger , Red Mummy among the featured.

Blogger's intro to HD.

When that was over, everyone who attended had free food (buffet style) consisting of pasta, sphagetti, roasted lamb,chicken, fried mushrooms and eggplant.

The free food.

Did I mention about free flow of drinks which includes beer?

While we were eating, we were entertained by drummers who went on stage to give us a lively performance.

Drummer's performance

Right after the drummers went off stage Sixthseal and Rocky went on stage to give us a briefing on the on site game to win the 32" LCD TV by LG and a year's worth of Astro B.yond subscription.

The game is called Murder in the Details which has a Facebook game with the same rewards.

Basically, we have to find 5 clues which are printed on A4 paper that can only be viewed using the supplied magnifying glass to find the culprit to a mother case ala Sherlock Holmes style.

As the game required a team of 5 people, me and MichL made some friends with the other bloggers namely CWKen , Aaron and Gary.

Behind: Gary, Aaron, Ken
Front: MichL and me.

After running around in circle around Modesto with 19 other teams (there were 20 teams in total), we managed to find 4 of the clues with me being the clueless one as there were many people blocking the way.

We managed to find out from the clues that the culprit is a female Nuffie wearing a band aid in a red dress which sounds easy except that there are quite a number of girls wearing red on that day.

The worst part is the band aid part of the clue was fake and only served to mislead us as a team got kicked out of the game for getting the wrong culprit. (Ouch!)

Luck was not really on our side that day as we were talking to the culprit before the wining team managed to take her away. Haiz....

The wining team were then subjected to a question and answer session which was finally won by Eric Yong.

The winning team

After the winner was crowned, the scenario for the game was re enacted.

It seems that Sixthseal and Rocky had an affair under the whims of a business partnership which was found out by sixthseal's girlfriend which is Fres and sixthseal was stabbed.

Thankfully, I got it all on video for those who are still blur.

Rocky and Sisthseal's "relationship".

Found out by Fres.

Sixthseal's death scene.

After all that, there event was officially over but me and MichL stayed around to check out who were present and noticed that Benjicajes and Jojo Struys were also there.

MichL, Benjicajess and me.

We managed to take a photo with Benjicajess but not with Jojo Struys as she seemed pretty busy with two cameramen shooting video for Project Alpha 2 (presumably).

We both left the event at 10.30pm and had lots of fun there (although I didn't get to finish my plate as we rushed to join in the game).

Thank you Astro and Nuffnang for inviting the non-celebrity bloggers such as me to this event and I hope that there will be more in the future.



HSBB in your area?


I found out that my housing area is going to have HSBB in Q3 2010.

Hope that TM keeps its promise and deliver 10 mbps soon!

If your area is not in the coverage, write down your details at the Interested? area and make sure that there is alot of people in your area doing so to hasten the delivery.

Got a great idea?

If you had a great idea somewhere that needs to be heard, this is a great place for you to do so as YTL Communications may reward you for it.

The catch is that you must use your innovative idea with a 4G device and/or applications which utilizes 4G technology.

Also, if you are a Malaysian, you get to win the Malaysian Prize if you are lucky.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coke powered phone

Finally, a good use for coke, as a power source for our cell phones.
(Note to MichL: Better stock up on coke in the future as supply may be limited :P)

Sugar-powered phone concept robs us of perfectly good Coke

This wouldn't be the first time we've seen a sugar fuel cell, but gosh darnit, it just might be the sexiest. Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has conjured up a vision for a soft drink-powered cylindrical Nokia of the future that pounds Coca-Colas to stay juiced: just screw off the top, pop the can, and pour. Daizi estimates that that a single can of the stuff could outlast a traditional lithium ion battery by three to four times -- never mind the obvious ecological benefits -- but don't you dare steal our caffeine the next time you need a charge, alright?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Buy one car free another


Buy one free one.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well you need to buy a luxury car to qualify and you only get a Kancil or Iswara but still free car!

Only problem is that you need to maintain the car insurance and road tax for both cars but seems like a good deal for big families.

The good part is you can opt for discounts if you don't need the extra car.


Buy a luxury car and get a free Kancil or Iswara

GEORGE TOWN: An enterprising used-car dealer is offering a “buy one, get one free” package in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

He is giving away a pre-owned Proton Iswara or Perodua Kancil with every purchase of a luxury car worth over RM100,000.

Good deal: A potential buyer inspecting the BMW which comes with a Kancil or Iswara in George Town yesterday.

The Sport Rim Auto spokesman, who did not want to be named, claimed that his was the first used-car dealership in the country to offer such a package.

“We pride ourselves in being a ‘car supermarket’ since we are the biggest used-car dealer in the north.

“Our company has been around for about 20 years. That’s why we can afford to have this promotion,” he said.

The spokesman added that many new user-car dealers mushroomed last year despite the sluggish economy and they had to keep ahead of the competition.

“So we have come up with this offer – it is no different from AirAsia’s novel low-fare campaign,” he said, adding that the promotion was only for this month.

He said to date, they had sold three BMWs.

“The response has been good because buyers also receive free insurance coverage for the first year,” he said.

Buyers who do not want the free cars will be given a discount in lieu, he added.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digi Pimp My Day (the night event)

After arriving at the final pit stop of the race which was Mardi Gras, we were greeted with our final challenge at least one member of our team must submit a blog post before 7.30pm.

Our left arm was stamped with to make sure that minors can't drink beer.
(The stamp is only visible under UV light. Neat!)

(We did not finish on time but it was extended until 12am Monday due to technical difficulties)

As we arrived at around 6.20pm which is just in time before the given time was up, we had some refreshments (free drinks) before writing up the blog post for the team event.
(most credit goes to Michl as she did the writing on her blog)

Everyone who participated in the challenge had some rest, chit chat and ate the food there which was quite nice (free food and drinks for bloggers, beer for those who are 18 and above)

At around 8pm, the night event officially started with Jojo Struys as the emcee for the night.

Also as a treat for that day, the Mardi Gras organized pole dancers to be performing for use (Wee Sheong was very happy about this)

After the amazing performance, the event went on with the prize giving ceremony for the Pimp My Broadband Challenge which was previously held a few months back.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Wee Sheong who was the driver for the day lost his keys at Celebrity Fitness.(What?!)

Thankfully, the staff at Celebrity fitness were kind enough to hand the keys to Jojo so that she can find the owner which is Wee Sheong.

Wee Sheong got back his keys from her and "claims" that she asked him for a ride back.

As there was no video recorded, we can only assume that she said so.
from Wee Sheong.

Then, there was a speech by the Digi representative about the event giving us a new product to test for free (Wooh!) which is a Digi Prepaid Internet SIM Pack.

Later on, there were prize giving ceremonies.

Most notably was the war cry which was won by the Beacons and also the most Digi-fied team which was a draw between Digi Dolls and Ka ba boom!.

Digi Dolls and Ka Ba Boom on stage.

As a closing act, the KL Stompers were invited onstage for a performance which was great considering they only use recycled items as musical instruments.

All in all, the night event was great but it was a pity that team MiraGeZ didn't win anything that day.


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