Monday, June 21, 2010

IDD with iTalkWhoa!

Before there was IDD (International Direct Dial), the only way to call a friend or family member overseas was to call the local operator to patch your number through.

It may sound convenient but it is actually more expensive this way as you need to pay the operator fees before you get connected and strangely enough this service is still available.

Although I did not really experience any of this first hand, I remember my dad saying that it was a hassle just to call somebody overseas.

You need to send a telegraph to set the time and place to call and someone must be at the other end to receive it.

What I’m saying now is what happened more that 10 years ago (or was it 20?), when handphones were not cheap at the time period.

All that changed when IDD was introduced, people had a choice of not calling the operator, which can be quite expensive, and instead just call normally with the country code which is normally after the (+) sign.

For example, the country code for Malaysia is +60 which is easy to remember as we only have to add +6 to all our existing numbers.

IDD is now available for all handphone users which is on by default for prepaid users although postpaid users would need to activate it first.

IDD for fixed lines are not that simple but possible when using IDD cards such as the ones from iTalk.

As we progress into the era of globalization, call rates are becoming cheaper almost every year.

VOIP has made it even cheaper to make calls; local or international.

As I recently found out that iTalkWhoa is having a promotion, making its international call charges 10% cheaper than that of iTalk.

So you get to talk 10% longer!

It may not sound much now, but when you are talking to someone you’ve not met for a long time, you would want to catch up on the things which have happened and every minutes counts.

So why are you waiting?

Head to now!!

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