Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maxis HSBB

For those who have known about HSBB (High Speed Broadband) by TM, Maxis is going to release their own version soon and have and interests section for those who are interested to know more about it.

Personal HSBB site:

Maxis High Speed Internet– FAQ

1. What is Maxis High Speed Internet?

MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNETis a high speed broadband service that uses fiber optics technology for the transmission and allows speeds up to 30 Mbps.

2. What is the difference in the service I’m subscribing to now e.g. HSDPA, wired broadband
(such as Streamyx)?

The existing fixed broadband service such as Streamyx uses ADSL technology and uses copper wire. The maximum download speed is only 4 Mbps. HSDPA is a wireless service and has a limit of 7.2 Mbps download speed. MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNEToffers up to a maximum of 24 Mbps download speed.

3. Why do I need HIGH SPEED INTERNET? What are the benefits of HIGH SPEED INTERNET?

The MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNETservice from Maxis enables services such as IPTV and high definition video streaming that are not possible on ADSL. With download speeds up to 24 Mbps, a 100 MB size file will take merely seconds to be downloaded.

4. What are the services offered?

The services that will be provided are Maxis High Speed Internetaccess, IPTV, music, online gaming, online storage, home surveillance, Internet security suite, and online education. More services and content are being planned and will be introduced progressively.

5. What are the features of the services offered?

The features of the services include high definition quality sound and video that provides realism and gratifying entertainment. The IPTV service will not have rain fade problems during thunder storms.

6. When and where will MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNETbe made available to customers?

Since the technology requires fiber optics trunks that have to be laid, the roll out of the service will be progressive. The initial roll out would be in Klang Valley. The sites and service availability will be updated on the Maxis website.

7. Do I need specific device for this service? What is the equipment provided?

Yes, you would need specific devices in order to enjoy Maxis MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNETservices. The equipments that will be provided are the Online Network Terminal (a router where the fiber optics terminates), Home Gateway (a LAN and wireless router where all your devices can be connected to), VoIP phones, and a set-top box for IPTV.

8. What is required to get the service at home? Do I need an existing fixed line service? Is there additional wiring / cable that need to be install at my home?

If your home does not already have fiber optics cabling, then additional cabling would have to be done. You do not need an existing fixed line service.

9. What is the broadband speed offered for MAXIS HIGH SPEED INTERNETservice?

There are a few packages to suit the needs of different types of users. The speeds range from 6 Mbps to 24 Mbps.

10. Is it possible to reach the maximum speed?

Yes, it is possible to reach the maximum speed. But this depends on many conditions such as local versus international websites, number of simultaneous downloads you are doing, etc.

11. Will Maxis be implementing quota limit or fair policy usage (FUP) for HIGH SPEED INTERNET?

Yes quota limit will be imposed but you can opt not to be limited for a fee.

12. How do I subscribe for the service?

Registration for the service will be made available via Maxis Center, Maxis Reseller, Online and Telesales. Further information will be made available once the service is rolled out.
For the customer that successfully submitted / register their interest on the portal – basic enquiries

1. I’ve registered myself on the portal. How soon will Maxis get back to me? When will I get a feedback?

Maxis will get back to you via email or phone when we are ready to provide the service in your location. Please refer to the Maxis website for the launch date and also locations of service.

2. How will Maxis get back to me?

Maxis will contact you via email or phone when we are ready to provide the service in your location. Please ensure the details you provided are relevant for contact purposes

3. I’ve registered myself on the interest portal and have been following your updates. When you are due for launch, will I be getting special privilege to sign up? Will I be contacted first for sign up?

Maxis will contact you when the service is available in your location. We will contact you first since you have already indicated your interest. Special privileges (if any) and promotions will be communicated at launch.

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