Friday, December 3, 2010

Whoa!! Everyoneconnects is one year old!!!

“Now there’s you and me and we are not alone…”
It’s been one year since “Through My Window” was released on Everyoneconnects
in where everyone was guessing which band was playing the song.

Back then there was only a basic layout where we get to have fun on all the activities that unfolded within the few months after its release which lead up to the main event at Bukit Bintang and was the biggest outdoor sing along event in Malaysia.

A year later the website has gone on a major facelift.

The site is now more user interactive than before with the possibility of choosing your own avatar to explore the world and you can move it around and chat with other users who are online at the same time. There are also new features such as the Stadium, the Jamming Garage, Open House and Sini Maa.
The Stadium is a channel for sports fans especially fans of Manchester United where there is a show case of news, highlights, interviews and videos from Man Utd TV or MUTV for short.

The Jamming Garage serves as garage music studio where we can get the latest news on Bunkface from “Camp Bunkface” and also listen to their songs and watch video previews.

Sini Maa is a play on the word cinema if you have not noticed and is a place to watch movie trailers and web channels from Hypptv(Unifi) and (web channels). And also not forgetting Movie Buzz where you can chat among fellow movie buffs.

The Open House is another feature that they added where fans can post messages and wishes for birthdays, festivals and celebrations. Besides that, it features video wishes; “Spread Some Love” which is a board for wishes;, and a selection of personalized e-cards that appeal to all
For all of you who feel nostalgic about the old site, there is a section dedicated to archive all the past activities that were held along with videos and photos which iscalled the EC Hall of Fame where you can view all the events that has happened since November 2009.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of Everyoneconnects, there was an event held by TM to celebrate it in collaboration with Sony, Universal Music and other partners with activities such as PS3 competitions, ballon busting event and birthday celebration for Everyoneconnects. Besides that, there was an online game face-off with pro-gamer Summer and a special performance by Bunkface (thumbs up!!). The event was hosted by Hunny Madu and Ben from Flyfm which was a blast.

If you want to know more about the events that were held, wait no longer and check out and join in the fun!!!!

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