Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trade in Promo by Acer

If you have an old Pentium PC that you need to get rid of and thinking of buying a new PC, now is the best time to do so.

Do you have any old computers that you would like to dispose? Your timing is just right then. Acer has just kicked off a trade-in program that not only benefits you but also a number of charity organizations across the country. Held in conjunction with the recently launched joint education and community program with Microsoftcalled I’m Inspired, customers are entitled to purchase selected desktop PC, laptop and all-in-one PCs for a discounted price with each trade-in.

While the RM 200 rebate might not sound much, what made this program special is that all the computers that Acer received through this event will be refurbished by them and Microsoft before they are donated to the said charity organizations. However, don’t think of this program as a place to dump your poor old PCs though since Acer are only accepting those with their main components such as motherboard, hard drives, processor, RAM, battery pack and power adapter still intact even though they can be either in working or non-working condition.
The Acer trade-in program is happening right now until 13 April 2011 at selected Acer dealers nationwide. For further information, check out the program’s website HERE.


Chester Chin said...

Gosh at first I thought I saw "Trade in Porno by Acer". Hahahaha goodness I'm damn blind...anyway just thought I'd stop by since I haven't in a while x)

lionel0008 said...



I never thought that you would writing a comment like this here.


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