Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does life=fiction?

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Have you all ever wondered after watching a TV program, be it educational, entertaining or otherwise influence the choices that you pick later in life?

For example, some people dream to be superheroes and go for cosplays but that is not the point of this post.

I'm referring to the TV drama series or Discovery channel programs which are much more down to Earth. Mythbusters is one example which glamorize the field of science which is boring initially but pays off in the end with big booms.(and clash,bang,kaboom....)Thanks to the cast of Mythbusters for making science all so interesting.

I' sure that those who are reading this have heard of House MD, Scrubs, or Grey's Anatomy(if not you just don't watch TV enough) and wonder 'Hey, if life was like that I could easily be a doctor ...' or something like that.

But the cruel thing is life is complicated so that it can look simple. Why I say that is because if life was not complicated, the PS3, Xbox and the all time favourite PC would not exist as it is today and we will still live in the 'Pong' era. Watch this video.(Not mine,watch and understand.If you can survive playing this all day and find this entertainig,I salute you!XD)

An example where life mimics fiction.(sorta)Hope you enjoy it.

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