Friday, April 10, 2009

Parking woes

A note to DBKL who do not have people that can do a proper town management plan.

A trip to KL usually means jam, jam and more jam especially during peak hours.
Well, this cannot be entirely their fault but one thing that seems to surprise me that most of the time there are no or little parking spaces for the less prominent parts of the city.

And to add insult to injury, they had to think laterally and set up parking meters so that people would leave as soon as they finish their business.

It sounds effective but mind you there are people who drive to work and need to park their cars for more than three hours.(they are working and helping the economy)

One of the solutions I can think of is to make a building block for parking (I know it sounds quite impossible given that the development is still going).But maybe it is already drafted in the City Plan so I would not know.

Another thing is maybe improve the transport system? I know that numerous efforts have been done but some traffic jams are caused by big buses blocking the road. (can't really blame them because the bus stops are small) I think we can bring back the mini buses instead of the big buses as the road in some places are fairly cramped and only allow a vehicle to pass through at a time.

So I hope the DBKL will hear this and improve efforts to help the city.

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