Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New stuff from iTalk!!!!!!

iTalk, if you never heard about it , is a prepaid dialing card system where you enter codes before you can dial a number.

However, these days the emergence of affordable prepaid SIM cards seem to have slowly reduced its popularity.

And in the wake of the online revolution like e-mail, VOIP, IM and social networking, it seemed out of place or so I thought.

iTalk Whoa is an online platform created to unify the usage of e-mail, social networking and Instant Messaging.

What this means that now instead of opening a few tabs, you only need to use one tab to check out your e-mail, twitter and your IM which is quite convenient.

With iTalk Whoa Voice, you can call or SMS local and overseas land or mobile lines at lower rates than your usual mobile phone rates and best of all you can call other iTalk Whoa users for free! All you need is just an Internet connection, access to iTalk Whoa and a microphone, and you are all set to go.

Normal Calls (Fixed Lines): 10 sen/min NATIONWIDE Mobile Calls: 15 sen/min NATIONWIDE to ALL NETWORKS

I know Skype has the same features but the rates are a bit higher for the local calls and you need to have a credit card to use Skype to be able to use these features for outgoing calls.

For iTalk Whoa, you can just buy iTalk cards to top up your iTalk Whoa.
There is a Calendar feature to record what events you have planned or places you plan to go and share them with your friends instead of telling them one by one.

You can even synchronize the events and your contacts from iTalk Whoa with your phone if your phone can support it.

If you are a person who regularly checks your email, you can set up the Push Email feature on iTalk Whoa. After configuring your email account, you can be prepared to receive an SMS when a new email arrives as iTalk Whoa will send one, when there is new mail, after checking every 15 minutes. Alternatively, you could also receive the update from the email client of your mobile phone.

Having friends scattered across different IM platforms can be a major headache. Opening multiple chat programs at once can significantly slow down older computer. With iTalk Whoa, you can sign in to MSN, Yahoo, Google talk and Facebook chat simultaneously and I heard that there is also support for other IM platforms.

With that many features in store, you would think that a lot of money is needed to join iTalk Whoa but the fact is that it’s free. And if you are one of the early birds, you even get RM5 credited into your account for you to use.

So head on to and register now.


kenwooi said...

looks very promising =)

Chester Chin said...


Chester Chin said...

Hey i realized that you can't access the site from google chrome

KL Vegetable Garden said...

Local call rate has changed to 18sen/min flat.


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