Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unifi Poll Results

News about the recent Unifi. I guess it's not just me who thinks it's still too expensive

You’ve definitely heard about the TM Unifi High Speed Broadband when it was announced last month, you’re probably even one of the ones that caused them to remove usage cap indefinitely, but what does the 4415 respondents for a recent survey conducted on the MSN Malaysia homepage says? According to the results given, more than half the voters said that it is too expensive while 35% would like to subscribe to it but are worried about its stability. While only a mere 3% of respondents are happy customers enjoying the service now, it’s amazing that there are even 442 respondents (10%) who said that they do not need such a high speed service; I’m sure TM won’t have to worry about these users hogging the bandwidth.

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