Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheap calls back to Malaysia while roaming

Whenever someone goes overseas, getting connected always while in another country can be quite expensive.

You always get charged while receiving a phone call or sms overseas although that is how telcos are making money.

The worst part is that you will get charged at least two to ten times the phone call charges when you call back Malaysia.

Well. Celcom has come up with something for those of us who are roaming in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Indonesia from 1 November 2010 till 28 February 2011 for their postpaid users.

Save More When Roaming Abroad
Dear Celcom postpaid customers, you are set to enjoy great savings on phone roaming charges when you travel abroad between 1 November and 28 February 2011. Roam with our selected partners in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Cambodia and enjoy local roaming rates. Simple to use, no hidden costs - just stay in touch for much much less.

Get all the details below.
Partners, destinations and rates
Call TypeDialog
(Sri Lanka)
Celcom Roamers call BACK to Malaysia* (Direct Dial)0.880.350.303.50
Celcom Roamers call BACK to Malaysia (via Roam Saver *120*)0.960.790.681.07
Daily Unlimited Data Roaming Plan38/day38/day38/day38/day
* Call charges to special or premium service phone number remain the same as per current roaming rates
- All rates are in RM
- Customers shall select the network to be connected to the participating network operators in order to enjoy the promotion.
So if you're travelling around this time of year, remember to take advantage of these special year-end savings from Celcom, and have a safe trip!

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