Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RM5 Handphone!!!

If you think this post was a joke, think again, UK cellular phone companies are now selling a handphone at 99pence (RM5 at current rate) with a condition that you have to buy a £10 (RM50) top up.
It may be good news to our Malaysian counterparts in UK if they wanted to get a second phone.

99p phone at The Carphone Warehouse

Cheap and cheerful

At a time when smartphone sales are soaring, The Carphone Warehouse is selling a 99p PAYG handset.

The Alcatel OT-209 is just 99p when purchased with a £10 PAYG Virgin top-up at the phone shop and may be perfect for older people who just want a phone for emergencies...or for Christmas grinches intent on disappointing their children/partner/parents who really wanted an iPhone.

The handset was previously on sale for £4.95 and The Carphone Warehouse describes it as: "a sleek, handy mobile that will fit comfortably in your hand and in your pocket."

While ‘sleek' may be a bit of stretch, the handset does have a colour screen, simple UI, large separated keys and an FM radio tuner. Bizarrely, it also boasts a fake incoming call function.

More usefully, the OT-209 offers 5 hours of talk time (although that might cost a bit on PAYG) a hefty 400 hours of standby power and weighs just 65g.

While not the hottest handset on the high street, it does appear to be the cheapest. Customers desperate to be on T-Mobile can splash £1.95 on the mobile, while it costs £2.95 on Orange and both require a £10 top up to be purchased at the same time as the handset.

Here's an image of the Alcatel handset.

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