Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maths and Science in BM.Why?

When I saw the headlines on The Star, I was a bit shocked as why they want it to be so.

I know that there are many complaints about this issue but most of them do not get the big picture which is when they go to study abroad or just take A-levels locally.

Maths and Science can be a bit daunting even for usual English speakers as most of the terms are not so often used in daily conversations.(Try saying Adenosine Triphosphate to people who never read about or study about Science)

The Government now is not taking the future generation seriously as this can be a serious issue in the future as what was faced by student prior the change to English were facing. Another thing to note is that the time given for the change to happen is too short.

The effects of implementing Maths and Science in English have not even bear fruit yet as most are still studying and if you read the article about half the students prefer it in English but it's quite good considering it is what they have chosen.

The reason they gave for the change is a bit awkward. Most rural students cannot do well when both subjects are in English. This is simply strange in a sense that there are more science books written in English compared to in BM but most are not cheap. Does this mean that if many rural students cannot read or write in BM that they have to lower the standard? Well, certainly not. Bahasa in SPM was quite difficult for me but I managed to get a credit.

However, the only good thing in the headline which I can see is that they are NOW trying to improve the English standard which is a bit too late but there is still hope left for the future.

However, what is set may bring something good but it will be along time before the future generation will feel it's effect.

(People in Japan and Korea manage to develop their technologies whilst using their native language but it took a few decades for them to do so and they were mostly hardworking people with an aim set in their minds to do better)

Well, after 2012 there may be more students enrolling for international schools for those who have lots of money but for those who can't they just have to stick with what has been set.


MichLeong said...

They're making things much worst than they already is.

lionel0008 said...

haiz. I pity those who are in first batch for the maths and science in BM. I think most of them will lose their enthusiasm fairly quickly


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