Monday, July 13, 2009

Should my neighbour trim his tree?

My neighbour has been planting a longan tree and some other plant for more than 5 years in front of his house.

The only problem is than the tree has gotten quite big and touching the power lines.

Besides that, it reduced the visibility of my home because it blocked the view.
Here are some pics.My parents told him to trim his tree but the old man is pretty stubborn.

Need some advice.

Do I need to call the officials or should warn him one more time?

The last time I asked him nicely to trim his tree because it was almost touching the power line, he gave a lame excuse.
"Aiya, no need to trim one. The power line got rubber protecting it sure cannot catch fire one."
(he said it in Cantonese)
Even though he said that,we all know that lightning loves to find the shortest distance to Earth.

If you have any views on solving this,please comment.


MichLeong said...

My suggestion is tell him to cut it first and if he do not want to comply, then call the authorities.

lionel0008 said...

haiz....only old people listen to old people.My neighbours have serious generation gap.Last time only my grandfather can get a message through him but my grandfather passed away adi...

Chester Chin said...

You should just "accidentally" burn it down...and blame it on the weather.

lionel0008 said...

haha...tempting but I would not do so....(secretly searches how to burn a tree on google)

MichLeong said...

haha. maybe you have another neighbour that are old and a man? haha

MingGuan said...

tell him that if he doesn't trim the tree, you'll trim him


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