Monday, November 9, 2009

A Big Day Ahead

Exams are a big headache to most people which does include me as my exams are still ongoing.

“Two more weeks to go, I will be free by Tuesday afternoon next week.”

That was what I was telling myself.

Today’s paper was Physics paper 4 which is a harder variant of paper 2 .Thank God that I already finished both Maths papers and the mentally exhausting Biology paper which is tiring. Many of us cursed the person who placed Pure Maths and Bio papers on the same day with 30 minutes break in between.

“What?! 30 minutes of break?!”

On another note, there is this big event that I was hoping to go and it starts next weekend which is when I finish all my papers. Hurray! Goodbye A-levels.

The event which is held by the people of is on the 21st November in the Golden Triangle which is Bukit Bintang in KL.

The main event is the performances by Bunkface, Shila, Modread, Tomok and many more. Most notably I want to hear Bunkface sing “Through My Window” to see whether the true live version is better. Meanwhile you can check out this link for a preview:

PS. You can preview the song at if you have not heard it.

If you like the song so much and get the ‘feel’ after listening to it. Why not join in the Karaoke Sing Along and sing to your heart’s content. Having stage fright going alone on stage? Never mind as you can also sing with your friends on stage and make it a group karaoke instead. You can also see yourself sing online as the sing along events are recorded. How sweet is that?

The finals for the Banner Concert are also held that day for our local homebrew artistes to show off their talents and compare to their established peers. So pick your favourite and support them. You might get to see them have their own concert in the future.

If all this still do not interest you or you prefer using the computer instead of your mouth, you can also try the mash up on to make your rendition of “Through My Window” from your home.

Or show off your skills on Super Dancer Online. They have a booth there for you gamers to show off your dance moves and avatar. You can also challenge the people you meet there for a versus battle.

For those who are more adventurous and can’t stay at one place for a long time, there is the “KL Hop On Hop Off Bus” sing along where you can sing while visiting the many exciting and vibrant places that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

And if you really want to leave your mark on the world, literally, you can join the Street Mural activity by leaving your hand prints on a big mural and maybe sign off your name there. Or you could choose the other way round by having your face painted and take pictures to commemorate the event.

It’s been a long time since I visited Bukit Bintang. I really do hope that I can find the place easily based on the map I found since it’s near the Lot 10 and the LRT station. Anyways I think checking out is a good idea to get a better picture of this event.

So anyone out there care to join me?


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