Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strange happenings force family to live in small hut

What would you do if your house tried to kill you? Mysterious fires and money gone missing is it the house or something else?

KULIM: A family in Kampung Charok Meranti, Bandar Baru here has been forced to live in a small hut for the past two years due to “strange happenings” in their home.

They claim certain parts of their house would suddenly be engulfed in flames.

Mohamad Sidek Hamid, 49; wife Fauziah Ishak, 48, and their six children are too traumatised to continue living in the house.

Unexplained phenomenon: Mohamad Sidek showing his family’s charred clothes after yet another mysterious fire that happened in his house in Kampung Charok Meranti, Bandar Baru near Kulim Tuesday. — Bernama

Mohamad Sidek said they were forced to vacate their brick house due to the mysterious fires which break out ever so often. A recent fire happened in the master bedroom.

“The fires normally happen when my family and I are out,” Mohamad Sidek said yesterday.

He added that a Fire and Rescue team from Serdang had gone to the house to investigate and a police report was lodged.

Mohamad Sidek said the fires started after the family moved into the house which he bought for RM40,000 in 2007.

He said his family was traumatised by the incidents because besides the fire, money had also gone missing.

“I have called more than 100 bomoh from Sabah, Sarawak, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar, and spent more than RM50,000, but the mysterious fires still happen,” he added. — Bernama

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