Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am very sure by now that everyone who is reading this has heard about “Through My Window” which is a catchy new song sung by Bunkface. Not to mention that there are several remix version by our local artistes such as Faizal Tahir , Suki and Shila.

With all the hype about the new song, did you feel any urge to sing it?

I mean it has been aired on and a few other radio stations for quite a number of times, at least once every day.

If you have the time or love to have a great time, why not join the e-karaoke sessions for a sing along.

You don’t have to be as good as Bunkface to sing “Through My Window” and you get to win freebies when you join in.

If you don’t believe me or think that I’m joking, you can ask these people how they feel.

Look at the freebies they got.

You can also have a photo with the event organizer at the booth and pose with them.

Besides that, you can also view your masterpiece online on where they recorded quite a number of videos.

If you have not participated before, I suggest you to hurry and visit these places as the last day is on the 15th of November and get those freebies.

13 November 2009

4pm - 12.30pm

HELP University College Matriculation Centre Ball
Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL

14 November 2009

9am - 3pm

KBU International College Pink Bazaar
College Lobby & Front Porch

14 November 2009

4pm - 10pm

Level 1, KL Sentral

15 November 2009

10am - 10pm

Lot 10 Main Entrance

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