Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Helmet Phone Charger

If you are a forgetful person who forgets to charge your handphone and drives a motorcycle, this may very well be the solution to your problems.

Charging your phone from your helmet, now made possible

Two students from an Indian University went on to do something that may well solve more than a few problems in the gadget world. They have come out with some ingenious helmets that make use of solar and wind energy to charge a mobile phone in just 40 minutes. That’s a lot of power generated. The main aim of the students was to serve dual purposes. This move will encourage people to wear helmets and the same time, go on to charge their phones (and not answer it when it rings) while riding.

These will cost just about Rs. 1000 ($22). It comes straight from the Nirma University in Ahmedabad. Kudos to them!

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