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Ip Man 2 Review

Yo yo.

It’s been a while since my last movie review and I’m glad that the movie I’m going review is Ip Man 2 after having watched it at GSC Tropicana City Mall.
First up, I want to say sorry to those people who rushed at cinema hall 1 at 10pm that night cause I think people followed me to the washroom cause I was walking quickly towards it.
My dad said that many thought that I was heading to the hall. LOL.Okay.
Now the serious part.
Ip Man 2 starts off where the first movie left off showing Ip Man(Donnie Yen) leaving Hong Kong with his wife and son.Life was not smooth sailing for Ip as he opened his martial arts club for a few days straight without any customers.
Wong Leung

Things started to change when Wong Leung came to challenge Ip, got defeated and subsequently became Ip’s first disciple there.
Pretty soon, the number of disciples keep increasing and Wong Leung somehow managed to annoy the locals there.
Ip saves Wong Leung after taken hostage and a fight scene with more than 10 people takes place at a fish market (an upgrade from the “Ngo yiu sap kor”, or “I want ten!” From the first movie) where we see anything from knifes to crates being used.The fight lasted a while till Sammo Hung’s character, Hung Chun Nam, steps in and tells him the rules of Hong Kong.Soon after that, Ip Man has to face the other martial arts schools to gain their approval by fighting on top of a round table.

The first round was against “Blinky” (cause he blinks too much) who uses the mantis kung fu followed soon after against another master who uses Ba Gua Kuen."Blinky"

The climax of the scene was when Hung Chun Nam VS Ip Man which was so hyped up in the TV advertorials which was so exhilarating.
They exchanged fists so quickly and managed to make the table turn before finally splitting it in half, signaling a draw.
Ip Man gains the martial arts schools approval but was still reluctant to follow their rules causing him to lose his spacious training area.
In the end, he has to make do with training his disciples at the local park until Hung offered Ip tickets to a boxing competition he was working on (while being harassed by the local police chief).
During the opening ceremony for the boxing competition, the martial arts schools show off their skill on the ring but were disrupted by Twister, the main boxer for the competition, who knocked out one of Hung’s disciples.

What ensues was a serious impromptu match for Hung against Twister who was well prepared.
The fight between the two of them shows how versatile Hung still is after so many years of practicing Hung Kuen against the boxer Twister.

The fight lasted three rounds with Hung at least an even match for the first round and the second but ran out of breath for the third.
Suffice to say he was down but did not let go of the ropes until he could not hold any longer and died.

Later, Twister and co. held a press conference to hold off the bad press that the British had been receiving about the match.
Twister was not remorseful and looked down on all the Chinese and set a challenge for all of them.

Subsequently, Ip Man defended the Chinese and took on the challenge head on.
On the big day, Ip Man fought with Twister on almost equal terms in the first round with Ip Man only able to hurt Twister by kicking.

The second round sees Ip Man beating down Twister with kicks and fists and a few grappling moves, ending with a kick to Twister’s neck.
When the second round ended, Twister sent a surprise punch to Ip Man on the head which was not supposed to happen.

Fearing defeat on their side, the judges announced that kicks are not allowed for the third round as Ip Man’s kicks did the most damage to Twister.

The third round started with Ip Man not getting any hits as the fists were not powerful enough to hurt Twister’s body.

After almost getting beta down, Ip started to remember what Hung said about not attacking the mid area only as there are muscles which block the fists.

Remembering the fight against Hung, Ip started using Hung Kuen and did a knock out to Twister.

In the end, it was a happy ending, Ip won the fight, the police chief got sacked for unfair treatment to the Chinese and Ip Man’s wife gave birth to baby boy.

There was also a sneak peek at a young version of Bruce Lee who came to learn from Ip Man.

All in all, this is a great movie and highly recommended for the action and teaching something about helping each other in times of need.

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5.

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