Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: Caught in the middle IV

Caught in the middle 4 is a comedy sketch held at PJLA at Jaya One as a part of PJ Laugh Fest which is until the end of May.

As Nuffnang had a contest at their blog, I gave it a try and got two free tickets which originally cost RM70 each.

The winning entry was something me and a friend thought up and I didn’t expect it to win.

As the event was held in Jaya One,I had to take the LRT from KL Central to Asia Jaya station which costs me RM2 and then a RapidKL bus (T628) to Jaya One at RM1.

The journey took a pretty short time considering the distance; it took about 30 minutes plus the waiting time.

I guess I was lucky because there were not so many people at the time because it was a Wednesday.

Anyways, I got the tickets from Nuffnang at the first floor of the PJLA block which opened at 7.30pm and got into the show at 8.30pm with a friend who barely made it.

Here’s a short synopsis before I elaborate further:

"A day in the life of the Chandrans and their friends, the Hamzahs as they wade through landslides, uncertain public transport, the TakPandai Medical (Last) Resort, shopping malls, warungs and the surreal landscape of local TV, culminating in the reality show ‘Who Wants to be a Politician?’ … or maybe it’ll end with another landslide. This multilingual/dialect Malaysian comedy first appeared for two successful seasons in 1987, culminating with, according to the Singapore Straits Times, being one of the three best shows at the Singapore Fringe Festival 1988. Parts II & III surfaced in 1991 & 1993."

The show starts off at a mundane pace with a landslide incident at Runtuh Heights causing excrements to flow into the condominium swimming pool of Ni Ah Seng Heights (that’s what they named the place, seriously).

We are then introduced to the Chandrans and Hamzahs along with the other residents of the condominium.

From there on there were jokes and gags which mirror of the life of a typical Malaysian.

One memorable part was when the actors on stage read a headline from the newspaper saying:

“Crime rate drops as police pulled from streets”

Everyone laughed and a question was posed from Mr. Chandran, who was played by Mano Maniam ,

“Is there anyone here who has heard of or experienced of housie break-ins, snatch theft, robbery and rape? Please raise up your hand.”

Most of the audience raised up their hand and Mr. Chandran started counting until he was stopped by Mr. Hamzah, who was played by Zaibo.

“Chandran. You know you have trouble counting after 20. Let me ask. Anyone here who has not heard of any crime before? “

If you are a Malaysian, then you should know that none of the audience raised up their hands which indirectly shows how the crime rate has affected us all.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Malaysians are now becoming more knowledgeable on where food comes out after being digested aka @$$h*les.

Later, the scene shifts to Tak Pandai Medical (Last) Resort as the Chandrans had their medical check up.

At the scene, we were served with parodies of Glee and House which are quite famous on TV and not forgetting patients playing with wheelchairs. Wheeee!

After that, the scene shifts to a shopping mall food court where Mr. Chandran gets conned by a few conman with the usual tactics; scratch & win, donation for the poor, donation for the disabled and gambling on the upcoming World Cup.

A few scenes later, we are shown a parody of "Who wants to be a millionaire" which is "Who wants to be a politician" which was really funny and one of the actors used a water gun to shoot at the audience!!

After saying so much, it's better to watch the show yourself as there are a lot of jokes which I can't possibly write down here and it wouldn't have the same effect if I did.

Kudos to all the cast for making such a wonderful show which took almost 3 hours with a 10 minutes break in between.

The tickets are a bit expensive at RM70 but you get a 20% discount if you mention that you are a Nuffnanger.

The show ends this 30th May and you have to be 18 and above to enter (due to political elements and some bad words).

Overall, I rate this show a 4 out of 5.


kenwooi said...

so you were there too? lol..
and cool thing you remember the jokes.. i cant =P

Himmat Singh said...

heard from many bloggers that this was a nice show indeed.... :)

lionel0008 said...

Yeah. I was there. The hall was about three quarters full and there were so many jokes. I only recall a few of them.

@Himmat Singh:
The show is really worth it but sadly not many Malaysians can afford the price.

MichLeong said...

Keng ah u. can remember exactly what they say. If it was me, I would have laugh until all ilmu also flow out. HAHA

lionel0008 said...

Not exactly but close to it. When you like something it's easier to remember about it. Everyone's like that (I think?)


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