Monday, September 14, 2009

100 Cempaka students to get iPhones

The iPhone 3GS is one of the most wanted tech gadgets from the tech enthusiast to the average day teen.

Last time there was news that schools in Japan that use the iPhone to deter truancy by tracking them.

However, there is one college that is giving 100 of them for free.

Read on:


KUALA LUMPUR: One hundred students of the soon-to-be-opened Cempaka International Ladies College (Clic) are getting an iPhone 3GS each for free.

The Apple phone, courtesy of local distributor Maxis Communications Bhd, will be used by the students as an education tool and a communications device.

Clic, which is to be a private college in Sepang, will open its doors on Sept 26.

Iskandar Hamzah, Cempaka Schools vice-chairman, said Clic students would be introduced to a series of iPhone applications that would be used in their everyday classroom curriculum.

They will use their iPhones to record sounds, take photographs and shoot videos for student projects, for example.

“Math students will use a quiz application called Braintune on the phone while chemistry students will have access to resources like the periodic table on it,” said Iskandar citing more examples.

“They will also be using Google Maps when studying geography. There are many other applications that they can use to complement their classroom learning.”

There will also be access to newscasts where reports on school events will be made and uploaded to YouTube by students at all the four Cempaka schools in the country.

The existing schools are in Cheras and Damansara Heights in Selangor, and in Labuan in East Malaysia. These offer primary to A-Level education.

Datin Freida Pilus, Cempaka Schools chairman, said students should be embracing technology because this opens up more ways of learning.

“We need to bring about change and we need to start with the youth,” she said.

Two years ago, Cempaka introduced Macbooks — portable Apple computers — to its secondary school students.

Maxis said it is looking at implementing similar iPhone programmes in other schools.



Mike Campton said...

it wont actually be free bcuz they'd have to pay for it in their fees.

lionel0008 said...

To Mike:
Although that is true, they are only giving 100 of them and so far in Malaysia you do not see any other institution giving free iPhones.

Mike Campton said...

yes its true no other school is utilizing iPhones for education. but the point i was trying to make is that the 100 iPhones aren't exactly free. they'll be bundled into the school fees.

thats what they always did when i was in school.

Mike Campton said...

sorry I might have gotten my facts wrong. i think you're right.


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