Thursday, September 24, 2009

Opera 10:Fast Browser For your computer

For people who use Windows, we are mostly stuck between using Mozilla Firefox or

Microsoft Internet Explorer.

However, if you have been using both for a long time there are pros and cons.

For IE, there is always security issues where loopholes seem to appear very often as hackers always target it.

As for Firefox, you will notice a slow down if you have a lot of add ons.

As for Opera, it is proclaimed as the fastest browser and in version 10, they added Opera Turbo function which will speed up web page loading time but lower quality of pictures.

Another thing is they have Opera Mini which you can use for your web-enabled mobile phone for a better experience and Opera Link to synchronize your PC and mobile phone configurations.

You can try it now for free here:


kenwooi said...

i only tried opera 9 once..
cool i can say..
but i still prefer firefox.. =)

MichLeong said...

Use Google Chrome!
Fast and pretty. XD


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