Saturday, September 5, 2009

Security Issues

In April this year, my house got broken into in the AFTERNOON, right after the Resident's Association had SECURITY GUARDS to look after the main routes entering my housing area.

And guess what, the pondok polis has JUST been upgraded to a POLICE STATION.

Before this incident, there were other cases of break-ins that my neighbours did not report. I don't know why they don't want to do so. (Maybe because of the case above?)

My parents checked the place after the next door neighbour called but had to leave as they had to man the shop.

I reached home later as there was class that day and called my friend KC whose dad in turn informed the police.

The police came and asked us not to touch anything as there might be finger prints of the perpetrators.

They left and I lodged a report together with my mum in the evening.

When I stepped in the police station, it seemed small and there was only one person over there at the time and they had a TV with AXN (yes, they have Astro).

After lodging a report, he asked both of us to wait for the "forensics'" to come and have a more thorough look.

This was very sad for me as I lost my Acer Aspire 4530 which had been maxed out and was less than 6 months with me.*SOBS* Not forgetting a Canon camcorder which had some tapes which I did not convert to DVD yet.

BTW, he did not bother to record the model number of the lost items and also the SERIAL number of the laptop which I placed right in front of him. I wonder if he thinks that he is genius or knows that it will never be found.

Later on, the "forensics" came and took some pictures but did NOT dust for fingerprints and then left.

Something else that I noticed are that the "security guards" are missing the whole afternoon and evening, only to come at night to lock the gate. Something fishy right?

A few days later, I heard that the next door maid saw the prepertrators with the stuff he stole walking slowly out of my house.

There were two Chinese guys in short/medium length pants wearing shoes. One of them had a bald patch and was about 6 feet. The other one is a man in his 20s or 30s which is about 5 feet 7.They were sitting inside a Beige colour sedan car for the whole morning before doing this.

After hearing that, I recorded it all down and went to the police station a few days later.

Upon arriving, I heard that there were 5, yes, five break-in cases in one day in the same area.

The worst part is that one person called that police station as the break-in was HAPPENING and the police officer said this:

"Oh, itu faks machine guna line yang sama dengan telefon"

I imagined myself having a big sweat dripping when I heard this.

They can afford Astro which is non-essential but can't have an extra phone line?

Anyways, I updated my report but they still did not record the serial number down and now I have given up getting back my laptop.

My laptop:

Acer Aspire 4530-721 G6MN
AMD Turion X2 2.1Ghz
4GB RAM 800Mhz
Nvdia Geforce 9100M
Blue black colour
Serial no. :

On another note, my dad met up with the RA secretary to stop paying for the security fee and she said something that really feels like she is mocking you.

Reenactment (you get the drift)

Dad: I'm not participating in the security programme anymore.

Secretary: Why? You know that this is for security's sake.

Dad: What security? My house has been broken into.

Secretary: At least our guards were first on scene to inform you about it.

(At this point, my dad was very angry, as I said before, the GUARDS WERE MISSING for the whole day)

Dad: Get your facts straight. It was my next door neighbour who informed and the guards were nowhere to be seen for the whole day.

After that, my dad left.

Me and my dad attended the RA meeting once and found out that crime has became very rampant recently.

Ever since they changed the security company, there were lesser break-ins reported but by how much only the police would know...

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