Saturday, September 5, 2009

What police say to my mum

This post is about what happened to my mum who lost her hand bag not once but twice within 10 years.
Details are hazy as the first time was about ten years ago.

3 Indians entered my dad's clinic in KL in an afternoon before Chinese New Year.

My dad just gave my mum a few hundred ringgit as ang pau money for relatives and their kids and she kept in in her handbag inside a cupboard.

In the afternoon, there were 3 Indians, 2 guys and a women if not mistaken as I was not there. They pretended to sell stuff and carried a something to cover what they were about to do. A big cardboard I presume.

As they were busy distracting my mum, they somehow took the handbag and got into my dad's office and stole his handphone.

Shortly after they left, my grandfather who was there noticed something was amiss and found out what was stolen and chased after them but they were long gone.

Later, my parents went to the police station to lodge a report and he asked a really funny question..

Reenactment (May not happen exactly but the ang pau part was true)

Police: Ok, puan. Kami telah selesai tulis repot. Sila tanda tangan di sini.

My mum signs report.

Police: Nah, ini salinan kamu. Nanti angkat IC baru beri ini sebagai bukti.

Mum: Itu saja-kah?

Police: Oh yeah. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Ang pau na lai

Mum: Ang pau tak dak-lah baru kena curi beg.

I imagine that the police officer at the time did not know what he was doing. He was filing in a report for a stolen bag which contained all the ang pau money for that year's CNY. Haiz~

My mum still had to pay RM 60 for new IC eventhough the bag was stolen from her.
The second time was about 5 years, give or take, ago after my mum bought some groceries at the morning market in Taman Bukit Maluri.

While my mum and my dad (who was the only other person there) was walking towards the family car, their was a car which was parked nearby with engines turned on.

Suddenly, the car drove by my mum and a person grabbed her bag from the passenger seat window. My dad tried to help but the groceries he was carrying were in the way and the incident happened so quickly. My mum was dragged for a very short distance but her arms and knees were bruised from the incident.

My parents then went to the police station in Kepong main road to lodge a report.

The police officers there said that if you need to lodge a report about SNATCH THEFT, you need to go to Bukit Aman Police Station.

"However, if you want to report it as a LOST WALLET case, then we can write the report here."

When I heard about it, my reaction was What The (insert word here).

How could they do that?!

Now you know the reason why the snatch theft case suddenly rose in these few years.
It was not sudden but gradually as there were many UNREPORTED cases such as this.

In the end, my parents really had something to do later that day and opted for the second one.

My mum got her new IC AGAIN with RM 100 PENALTY FEE.

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