Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digi Pimp My Day (the Race)

The Digi Broadband Pimp My Day Challenge ended yesterday with our team MirageZ joining in on the fun.

The team MirageZ consists of me, Michl, Eileen and Wee Sheong who are fellow Nuffnangers and bloggers.

Team MirageZ


Our 'War Cry':

The day started where we arrived to Mardi Gras at One Utama for registration and briefing before the event which is a list of challenges we need to finish within two and a half hours.

The Briefing.

By the way, we were also given a USB dongle so that we can use the internet throughout the challenges.

There were suppose to be 20 teams joining in but in the end there were 25 teams which equals to 100 bloggers at Mardi Gras. Woot!

Group photo at Mardi Gras before the race

The "Sea of Yellow"

Our team, MirageZ was team 13 which sounds unlucky but we move on to complete the challenges.
Getting our first stamp.

We started at around 3.50pm and the first challenge we decided to do on our list of eight was the at the Digi Telecommunications booth where we had to upload two songs in a playlist on Digi's music site.

The songs in question are one from Lady Gaga and one from Akon.

The second one was a blow dart challenge with three tries per person with Bulls Eye which was unfortunately one of the challenges which we did really badly.

Our results.

We only manage to get one hit from Kang Wee Sheong while we did not manage to hit anything within the points section.
Wee Sheong in action.

The next booth was by Nokia and we had to figure out the given puzzle using the video and clue given.

This challenge was very easy as we finished it within 5 minutes but we could have done it faster as the video we needed to view was actually not needed to solve this.

The reason: you only need the T9 dictionary on your handphone to decode it which was
'Digi Broadband Done Right' in the form of numbers.

Try typing these numbers on your T9 input on your phone:

The fourth Challenge was suppose to be Swatch but we skipped it as we needed to do a 30 second advertisement with Digi and Swatch as the main message.

Brainstorming in session.

So we're off to the fifth challenge at the fifth floor which we got lost for a while but manage to find the stairs to reach there.
(Note to Michl: next time search for the lifts first or ask properly before running.)
Wee Sheong trying to hit the balls.

Group photo.

In this challenge we have to each hit 15 balls shot at you using a bat in the softball challenge.

I wonder why they call it softball cause my hand got hit by one of the balls and it hurt.

There is a special prize for people who manage to hit a marker marking a home run which considering that our team is not good at sports was impossible to achieve.

Eileen trying her to hit the ball.

Michl posing.

In the lift after the challenge with another team

A strange note was our team leader Michl manage to hit the most times....(Height advantage?!)

The next task at hand was at Mardi Gras where we need to dance (?!) .

Needless to say, our dance is out of sync due to race mode and lack of planing.

Next up was a threadmill run at Celebrity Fitness where we had to run 800m each and get the highest average speed in the process. Yikes!

We managed to breeze through this task but I was feeling a bit uneasy after the run.
(Lack of exercise...)

After a sweaty routine, we went to our next challenge at Quicksilver where we needed to pose using the clothes given.

I'm thinking that the people of Quicksilver are not really happy hearing that we ran on a threadmill beforehand.

After finishing 7 challenges, we ran back to the Swatch challenge and did the advertisement.

Suffice to say, our ad did not really connect Digi and Swatch together but we tried our best as the time was almost up.

At about 6.20pm, we reached Mardi Gras for the last checkpoint and greeted with another challenge which is uploading all this to our blogs.

All in all, this was a great day even though there were ups and downs along with some technical problems (the videos and photos took too long to upload).

And finally, Thank You Digi and Nuffnang for this event and also the other sponsors for the challenges, we had fun and enjoyed it.

PS Look out for my next post on the events at Mardi Gras after the challenges are done.


Emeryn said...

Nice day we had there! but tiring too right? =p

lionel0008 said...


I agree, it was a very nice experience indeed.

Hopefully there are other events like these s


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