Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now your dog can twit

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Now your dog can twit along with you on Twitter.

Although I doubt that he can actually tell you what's happening.

Mattel 'Puppy Tweets' Gives Dogs a Social Networking Voice

'Puppy Tweets,' according to CNN, is a new device from Mattel that dog owners can attach to their pup's collar, and use to follow Rover's every move... on Twitter.

The plastic tag, which comes equipped with a sound and motion sensor, also comes with pre-recorded tweets. Depending on your dog's movements and behavior, it'll post one of the tweets to your dog's Twitter account (unless you're the proud owner of Lassie, you'll probably have to take care of setting up the page yourself).

If he's barking up a storm at the mailman, for example, the gadget will automatically post a tweet saying, "YAHOOOOOOO!

Somedays you just gotta get your bark on." If she's just spent hours running around in circles, you may see a tweet on your smartphone to the effect of "I finally caught that tail I've been chasing and...OOUUUCHH!"

Director of marketing Susan Russo told CNN that the product "capitalizes on two popular trends - the use of social media and real time communication, as well as peoples' extreme love for their dogs."

The device is slated to debut at next month's Toy Fair in New York, and we imagine it'll probably find a pretty broad demographic -- few pet owners are as "rabid" about their animals as dog owners are. Call us old fashioned, but we kinda liked the days when dogs were following us on leashes, not on mini feeds. [From: CNN]

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