Sunday, January 10, 2010

Digi Pimp My Day (the night event)

After arriving at the final pit stop of the race which was Mardi Gras, we were greeted with our final challenge at least one member of our team must submit a blog post before 7.30pm.

Our left arm was stamped with to make sure that minors can't drink beer.
(The stamp is only visible under UV light. Neat!)

(We did not finish on time but it was extended until 12am Monday due to technical difficulties)

As we arrived at around 6.20pm which is just in time before the given time was up, we had some refreshments (free drinks) before writing up the blog post for the team event.
(most credit goes to Michl as she did the writing on her blog)

Everyone who participated in the challenge had some rest, chit chat and ate the food there which was quite nice (free food and drinks for bloggers, beer for those who are 18 and above)

At around 8pm, the night event officially started with Jojo Struys as the emcee for the night.

Also as a treat for that day, the Mardi Gras organized pole dancers to be performing for use (Wee Sheong was very happy about this)

After the amazing performance, the event went on with the prize giving ceremony for the Pimp My Broadband Challenge which was previously held a few months back.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Wee Sheong who was the driver for the day lost his keys at Celebrity Fitness.(What?!)

Thankfully, the staff at Celebrity fitness were kind enough to hand the keys to Jojo so that she can find the owner which is Wee Sheong.

Wee Sheong got back his keys from her and "claims" that she asked him for a ride back.

As there was no video recorded, we can only assume that she said so.
from Wee Sheong.

Then, there was a speech by the Digi representative about the event giving us a new product to test for free (Wooh!) which is a Digi Prepaid Internet SIM Pack.

Later on, there were prize giving ceremonies.

Most notably was the war cry which was won by the Beacons and also the most Digi-fied team which was a draw between Digi Dolls and Ka ba boom!.

Digi Dolls and Ka Ba Boom on stage.

As a closing act, the KL Stompers were invited onstage for a performance which was great considering they only use recycled items as musical instruments.

All in all, the night event was great but it was a pity that team MiraGeZ didn't win anything that day.

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