Friday, May 29, 2009

Chem Practical

Just so anyone who has time to read this, I had chem practical 32 yesterday and it was so tense and not to mention hot.

There were too many questions and not enough time to think (for me, don't know bout other people).

Anyways, I wonder if there were anyone who could finish :
1)titration while making sure than the flask your holding is above 65 degrees Celsius.
2)2 thermochemistry experiments (short but annoying as you have to weigh before and after (not to mention that you share a balance with 6 to 9 people).
3)A few salt experiments to identify the anion (one involves concentrated sulphuric acid and fumes spewing out) and cation which I found out ten minutes before times up and there were at least 5 question I did not finish.

If there is anyone who could finish this (student, not lecturer,I wish to meet him or her)

Haiz...So here ends this post. Thanks for reading

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