Monday, May 11, 2009

McValue Meals Frenzy

McDonald's was a place where only people who had enough extra money could afford to go in and buy food.

Fortunately, changing times have caused the price to drop (or did inflation occur?) so that most of us can enjoy it.

As everyone who dines at McDonald's should know,they have a promotion from 12 noon till 3pm and reduces the prices to almost 30% during that time period.

(McChicken McValue Meal now costs Rm5.95 from the usual RM9.25 at that time frame.)

From allocated time, we can see that they are trying to attract more youths and office workers to buy their products.

A good but ironic reason to try this sometime is because you can actually reduce the amount of calories you consume because they have done the math for you.(Read the info on the paper they put on the tray)And also that the proportions are not very big(when compared to American fast food meals in America, we seem to have mini sizes) so, as long as you do not over eat.

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