Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wesak Day events

On Wesak Day, me and my parents went to a temple in Cheras to pray at about 1pm. After praying, we were hoping to see the chief monk in charge but sadly he passed away for a month and after paying our respects , we moved to our next destination.

Later, we went to Putrajaya after following a series of confusing signboards.Seriously they do not know how to place the signboards properly eg. trees blocking the signs and lack of signboards.

We took the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya which was quite informative about what is going on in Putrajaya.I went for the RM30 trip and believe me it is worth it if you brought your camera and went snapping away and there is air-cond which is worth every sen ad it was hot (5pm).

After another round of confusing signboards,we went to IOI mall puchong to have a mother's day dinner at Papa John's pizza. You gotta try the special cake even though it is very small because the white chocolate is very tasty.

There was a special performance there because IOI mall had a new section which was opened for about a month. T
he fusion music was nice as it combined musical instruments from the three main races, Chinese, Malay and Indian showing the spirit of muhibbah.
They played great music, so great that even the kids were rushing on stage. The Chinese musical instrument was represented by the chinese flute, the drums for the Indians and one instrument from the gamelan for the Malay.

It was nice and all but it was time to go home as we were all tired and so ends my outing for the day.

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