Saturday, May 16, 2009

Make the inside of your house green

Something random since I don't really want to type so much.

You can decorate your house and increase O2 in your house in the day.

As you can see, I placed this on my unused kitchen stove. OK, my mum does not use it. I avoid cooking. :p

I use this instead for soil as you do not need to water them everyday and no mosquito can breed.

It cost me RM4.90 for a small pack at Tesco. There are ready made ones that cost the same but it is not recommended as they earn more from the same product.

The small pearls in the bag is what was before water was added and the big ones after 2-3 hours in water.(I only used 5grams out of the 10grams)

As for anyone who wishes for a tutorial, there isn't as I'm a very impatient person and all this can be done easily. Add water to the pearls, soak them. Find a container,place them in. Find a plant that requires only water to survive and voila! It's done.

Hope you all can decorate your home with this.

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