Sunday, May 3, 2009

Does swine flu=pandemic?

The recent swine flu outbreak cause a lot of phobia about swine or pigs in common terms.

The recent wake of pandemic diseases eg. SARS, bird flu and now swine flu, makes you wonder if this is God's punishment or just a reaction to what humans have done in the past.

I mean seriously think about it. From the start of the Industrial Revolution, man has been churning out CO2 in massive quantities causing global warming.

Link this to biology and you will notice many animals become extinct unless they adapt.
The same goes for microorganisms and viruses.

The overuse of antibiotics also plays a part here as microorganisms need to mutate to survive causing the birth of "superflus" which are hard to cure.

The only thing we can do is hope and live our life to the fullest and not to make others unhappy because tommorrow may not be another day....

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Tekkaus said...

perhaps. After all they have raised the bar to level 5 right? It's better safe than sorry right now.


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