Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Does God hate Epson or is it just me?

Sorry for the weird title but this is one of those post that makes me feel so unlucky because it took me a month to complete buying the four ink cartridges shown sitting on the printer.Here goes.

About a month ago, I decided to buy ink cartridges for my printer which has been low on ink for a year, mainly because I have some photos I need to print in high quality.

So, on my first stop was Tesco Mutiara D'sara on Friday night. When I reached there I was delighted to see that the complete set was there. Hurray! However, I reached there after 10pm where the Tesco staff said that the promoter has went back. Haiz....

As I was busy on Sunday, there were some activities with my family, I went to Brem Mall the next week where I did find all the colour cartridges which are original but failed to find the black ink. So, I had to wait yet another week. Is the ink that hard to find?

And the following week, I went to Jusco Kepong to search for the ink but it seems that they do not sell ink cartridges from Epson (Why me?) and even when they did, it was for another model. I'm currently using Epson CX4100.

Last Sunday, I went to Tesco yet again as my dad was finally free to go there at 8pm.
However when I reached there, all the black ink was gone, only the colours remain. Haiz....

Not realising defeat, I asked RM 50 from my dad and searched the other malls in order to find it.

Firstly, I walked all the way to the Curve's HSL City and upon reaching there, one of the salesperson told me that I can find it at the IT Hypermart in Cineleisure.
So, I walked all the way there and saw people who took part at the F&N dancing contest receiving their prizes. As I was searching for the place, I did not have the mood to take photos.

After finding where IT Hypermart is, I checked out the area only to be disappointed yet again as they only sell inks from Canon. What do you have against Epson!?

Still undeterred, I knew I had only one place left to search, which is at Ikano Power Centre.

Upon reaching there, I quickly searched the IT centre at Harvey Norman. I saw a sign that was supposed to be Epson with a missing 'E' at the ink catridges section only to be tricked and they replaced them with those from Brother which I do not use.

After walking for almost one hour of searching, I decided to try my luck at someplace that you would not usually buy computer accessories at. That place is Popular Bookstore.

Strangely enough, I found the missing ink cartridge I needed, albeit it is only a compatible version. So I quickly asked the cashier and wrapped up one of them.

When I was walking towards the bridge to the Curve, it somehow hit me that what will happen when I run out of black ink? Do I have to search again only to be disappointed?

And so, I went back inside Popular and asked the same salesperson to open the glass cabinet where it was placed. The salesperson went to get the key but could not find it. Strange considering I just bought the same thing from there a while ago.

After 5 minutes of "Where did the key go?", they found the key and I got the second cartridge which was the last one there too.

I felt that that whole day, I was in an RPG which required me to travel a few places before finally reaching my goal. The only regret that I had on this final trip was that the ink was not original which can possible clog my printer head which happened to my other Epson printer and yes, I have two Epson printers which are quite a headache when the ink runs out.

Hoped you enjoyed reading this as I sweated a lot last Sunday from walking. (You try walking to the top floor at the Curve from Tesco before going to Cineleisure and then walk to Ikano Power Centre by passing to the Curve in less than one hour searching for something.) Anyways, for those of you who read my blog: Thanks for reading! :)


Baby said...

sometimes is like tat. you want that thing urgently you can't find it. but when you don't want it, you can see everywhere

~dolly~ said...

because of your weird title, i came in from innit..
just dropping by..


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