Friday, August 21, 2009

Of Bio and Balls

Just a random post for today.

Today my class had biology in the physics lab.

You might be asking why physics lab?

Well, it was an extra class right after the last class of the day which is also Bio. LOL

Besides that another class is joining in as the had some tutorial classes disrupted due to school events at TARC.

As it was the last say before holiday (hurray) in which after the holidays we have our trials(sob), there was only enough people to be accounted as a full attending class.

Anyways, the class was a normal past year paper discussion which is a continuation of the class before (yes, it was 2 hours of exam question discussion).

While in the class, one of my classmates,A got bored and started to play with the apparatus that was set up there. It was a pendulum rig but I don't know how to describe the full configuration here.

Our Bio teacher noticed that she was playing with it and got annoyed.
"Aiyoh ,can you stop playing with the ball,ah"

Strangely enough, the class got livelier with the mention of balls.(humans have a strange affinity to the word balls or is it because it was the phrase "playing with the ball")

Then my bio teacher commented more on her action.
"What is with you all ah?
Get excited because I say the word ball.

You all almost 20 years old also like my son.
You know ah, when he see ball, he say bo bo,
when he see durian also he say bo bo.
What lah you all."

The class started to laugh at what our Bio teacher said.

Later on in class we stumbled upon this:

Well, it's not funny now but it was the moment that counts when a friend said "bo bo" in a childish manner that everyone could not stop laughing.

My class also did something that we had not done since primary school which is having the whole class to read aloud one Bio question passage.

It was not the first time my class did it and it was done also for Bio tutorial. I remember the first time we started reading coordinately, the Bio teacher opened all the doors and windows of the classroom we are it.

Here's the funny part, when we were reading, no one passed by to see but when we finished, there were many people walking around. At least we won't get weird stares.

Oh wait, I guess our class did get it when we went for Genting this year. For those who went to Genting on June 11 to play the outdoor theme park and heard a lot of noise was probably from my class.

Anyways, Happy Holidays to those whose holidays start tommorrow and take care.

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