Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taxi Fare Increment

The taxi fare increase has taken effect since 1st of August where the base fare when a passenger enters the taxi is RM3 instead of RM2 , the meter increases 10sen for every 21 seconds while waiting instead of the usual 45 seconds and 10sen for every 115 m instead of 150 m previously.

While I can say that the taxi fare is very long outdated, the increase is too big of a difference especially in times where the economy is not that good.

I experienced this when I took a taxi from Kepong Sentral to BSD which costs me RM4 when they use the meter and there is light traffic.

Even when the taxi drivers charge an extra RM1, I would happily oblige as the bus takes almost forever to arrive there, I heard it sometimes take 2 hours for a bus headed for BSD to arrive at the bus stop .

On Friday, I had a chance on sitting one of the taxis fitted with the new rate and the fare was higher but still expected. The fare increased from RM 4 to RM5.50 at light traffic.

OMG, this is just light traffic, not accounting for the peak hour jam that occurs at 5pm. I wonder how much I would pay if it happens.

Anyways, if you don't believe here is an article from the Star which I think would have read before but anyways here is the link:

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Chester Chin said...

waliu...rm1.50 increase at the traffic light????? are they freaking serious??


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