Sunday, August 9, 2009

My first blood donation

I donated blood last Thursday and it was a memorable experience as I fainted *gasp*.

The whole event started when TARC organised a blood donating event; August Blood Donation Campaign 2009 which is sponsored by Hotlink.

The event commenced for the whole week at TARC college hall.

Me and a few classmates agreed to donate blood on that day and did so after having a light meal.

PS. A reminder before donating blood;
~Have a least 5 hours of sleep.
~have lunch before donating.
~for gals make sure ur 5 day after period.
~u do not have HIV, hepatitis or same sex/bisexual relationship

We reached college hall at about 1230pm ++ and filled the forms upon reaching there.

After doing a blood test(I'm blood type O) and registration I went to donate blood at the set area. Personally the blood test was more painful then when they insert the needle to extract blood.

A point to note: they only give free test for hapatitis when you donate blood the second time.

After the nurse took my blood bag with her (along with 450ml of precious blood), I rested for a while and got a freebies bag form Hotlink.

They had a lucky draw as I heard someone got a hamper from Hotlink. I only got the usual stuff; cap and the cert for blood donation. My friends got the iron pills and folic acid pills which help promote blood production which they did not give me.

After walking out, I went to have a chat at the area where they provide free food (packet drinks, biscuits and bread).
After resting for a while, I fainted without realising.
When I woke up, everything was a blur (my specs were taken off)and according to my friend my face went pale as I fainted and he slapped me (had no memory or feeling of that).

I was taken back into the college hall to rest with the help of the First Aid Unit (FAU) in a wheelchair.

BTW, I saw a girl puking beside me when I was in the wheelchair. Thankfully not on me.

Anyways, thanks to ChingYee and Sze How for looking after me as there was supposed to be class at 2pm. I rested for almost an hour and took about 6 packet drinks before feeling better.

At 3pm, I was OK and I said good bye to my friends who were leaving. I stayed behind at College to wait for a friend and went back at 4PM.

Here are some souvenirs I got.The certificate I got for donating blood.

The red book that records each visit you made donating blood

The scar I got.


Chester Chin said...

OMG you fainted?? Luckily your friends were with you then...anyway how is the feeling like??

P.S: Oh ya if you visit my blog please click on the celcom and johnson & johnson's ad thanks.

P.P.S: You never posted the pic of that cap hotlink gave you =p

P.P.P.S: Hope you're feeling better now

Lam said...

whoa, even you can faint?

imagine if i went, half way while drawing my blood, i'll really turn into jarjar binx


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