Saturday, August 22, 2009

Effective mud ball ‘treatment’

Looks familiar? That's because this is taken from the Star.

The idea of using mud balls to save our rivers seems fun and easy so I searched the web to find out how to make them.
(PS. TARC had a mud ball making session during the SOS Earth event but I did not bother to see how to make them at the time)

What I found was that this type of thing is still relatively new as there is not even a wikipedia entry on it yet.

Here is the best thing I found about the mud ball. The main content is in Bahasa but scroll down and you will see the English version on the lower right side.

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Chester Chin said...

I saw the article!!!! Hahahaha its good that penang is taking the initiative to bring back gurney drive's past idyllic scenery.


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