Monday, October 19, 2009

Nice Song but Dunno by Who?

Sorry for bothering you guys but I need help for a song. Please bear with me and read my blog post.

It is now more than a week since classes ended and I was trying to study for my A level exam which is creeping closer and closer everyday.

It was a typical day for me today.

With my routine of waking up and doing revisions on my study table.

My maths paper is coming up this week.Haiz.

After a while of dy/dx, complex numbers and other mathemathical equations, I got bored.

It seems that I can’t concentrate well in the morning.

So, I turned on my computer and used Drewbuzz Radio which is a freeware that I found.

After tinkering around, I found that suited my taste.

You would think that it was weird for someone to listen to the radio through the computer but it was a bit cumbersome to go back and forth from the radio and computer.

After listening for a while, there seemed to be a new song that I have not heard before.

I was already used to most of the songs that are repeated but this one is different.

I have only heard it once but it immediately got me hooked.

I tried to do a Google search on the song which is Through My Window but I end up with a lot of links asking the same question.

There wasn’t any other detail regarding the song besides the title.

Could they have at least listed down the artist who performed?

I guess this was a fairly new song and it would take a while for Google to search up the latest details.

After a while, I had a thought and tried Tunatic but to no avail as there is no such song in their database. (Why me?!)

It’s either I have bad memory or my singing sucks.

The only part I remember is:

“……now’s there me and you….through my window…when we are not alone…”

But still, who is the singer?

Is there anyone out there who knows?

Please comment and tell me.

1 comment :

kenwooi said...

hmm.. i also find it hard to know the name of a song on the radio.. especially when the deejay doesn't say the name..

but the phrase.. hmm.. i also dont know lah.. sorry cant help.. =)


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