Thursday, October 29, 2009

Singing and Karaoke


A leisure activity that usually involves singing using a microphone in front of a small audience with the aid of visual material on TV.

I am sure that anyone who is reading this has known or tried karaoke before. If you are still in the dark, you really have not been paying attention to your surroundings.

Karaoke in Malaysia is now quite popular with the elderly folk in our country. You would be quite surprised that there are quite a number of them who are now turning professional by not depending on the visual aid.

If you have been watching the AEC channel on Astro for the past few years, you will know what I mean as there is a karaoke competition held every year for the elderly and it comes to a surprise as there are quite a following of younger people who are also watching this program.

As I have watched some of the competitions before, all I can say is their singing is on par with professional singers with suitable costumes. I guess you can say they also love dressing up which may be another reason they join. They have also been featured in the newspaper.

If you think that karaoke is just another old people’s past time, then you are wrong. Karaoke is also a favourite leisure activity for the younger generation.

Most modern karaoke places have a huge variety of songs, ranging from pop to classical, in multiple languages which is really helpful especially considering the different types of people who communicate with different languages that make up the diversity of Malaysia.

Anyone who has not tried karaoke before do not know what they are missing. The enjoyment of singing your heart out is an enjoyment and a stress reliever especially in big cities like Kuala Lumpur where you have to deal with stress every day.

If you like karaoke, like most people do, and feel like you are up for a challenge.
You can join the E-karaoke event organized by Hitzfm cruisers at the following places to get your song recorded karaoke style and win CDs.

31st October - Sunway Pyramid

1st November - Lot 10

7th November – KLCC

8th November - Subang Parade

14th November - the Curve

15th November - Pavillion

For more information, check out and keep updated by joining to know the latest news and fun games in store.

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