Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something Nice Happened Today.

Today is quite a stressful day for me as I have two exam papers to finish at college. I’m taking GCE A Levels by the way which many are saying is getting easier every year. I agree that the amount we have to study is getting lesser but the questions are the ones which throw you off guard.

It is in the same sense as underestimating your opponent in a Judo match. It feels good if you manage to throw your opponent to the ground which is the same answering the question correctly but with one wrong move, you will feel the consequences. As most of the questions are linked together, getting wrong the first time can really hurt. Ouch!

The first paper for today is Pure Maths and the second one is Biology paper 4 which considering that the syllabus is under A2 is a whole bunch of stuff we have to memorize.

“Just memorize only mah. Piece of cake only”

Memorizing sure is a piece of cake but after scoring marks which are almost the same in every test (average in the class). There surely is something wrong in the way I perceive most questions.

Yet I still feel happier today. One of it is because I manage to finish the papers above, leaving more time to study other subjects. Another thing is that the singer to the song I heard last week has been finally revealed. If I’m not mistaken it is supposed to be Bunkface.

Forgive me for being a noob on my last post. I’m sincerely sorry for those sites which I have spammed ( and

The song which is being said is Through My Window and I finally found the site where you can have the song and lyrics which is

Upon further inspection since I still have some time before my next paper, I found that that site has a Facebook and Frienster fan page. And also not forgetting a twitter site in which you can follow. It seems that I am not the only one who got intoxicated with the song as there are quite number of fans on the social sites. You can be a fan and follow the updates if you want by clicking on the highlighted words. And don’t worry as I do not link to any malicious sites.

For those who have yet to listen to the song, which I doubt as there are already TV ads screening,(caught a glimpse of it) you can download it at as it is free and there is no virus so you do not have to worry.

(PS. There seems to be some event going on the fan pages. Be sure to check it out when you are free.)

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