Thursday, October 15, 2009

SS3 women folk fear robbers who strip victims

Ladies. Please be extra careful.

NEWS of women being robbed and forced to strip during morning walks have caused a lot of anxiety among residents of SS3 in Petaling Jaya lately.

Nanyang Siang Pao reported that three women who went for morning walks together were ordered to stripped naked when robbers suspected them of keeping their money in their bras and panties.

The report said there had been a number of robbery cases in SS3 area for the past six months, and most were committed by men on motorcycles.

The paper also reported that the robbers breaking into houses and committing snatch thefts in the day and night.

Now they have been targeting women folk who go for their morning walks within the residential area.

According to the report, about 100 elderly residents would go for morning walks, hold Tai Ji exercises and line dance at the garden in SS3/26 and basket ball court in SS3/14 every morning between 5am and 7am.

Residents fear that their residential area has become a target for robbers and want the police to increase patrols and improve the security there.

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Kennee said...

This is indeed alarming news... nowadays these penyamun can do all sort of things... police should do something about... Btw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads oredi... ^^


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