Monday, October 5, 2009

Tune Talk lets users pick own mobile numbers

Now we can choose which number we want without searching for it. :)

KUALA LUMPUR: Tune Talk Sdn Bhd — the country’s newest mobile service operator — said subscribers can choose their own mobile numbers when registering for its service online, provided the numbers are still available.

Tune Talk chief executive officer Jason Lo said that instead of subscribers having to visit various prepaid card vendors to hunt for preferred numbers, they can just log on to to register online and choose their own numbers.

A subscriber who buys a Tune Talk SIM pack at a retail store will get to choose from two numbers that are prompted to him upon activation of the SIM card in his mobile phone.

If neither of the numbers are to his liking, he can then go online to to swap the numbers.

“Even after having made a selection, you can still change it later if you do not want the number anymore,” said Lo. “Such as when you don’t want to take calls from an ex-girlfriend.”

He said this feature gives Tune Talk subscribers greater convenience and flexibility.

Quick fix

Another online feature of Tune Talk is a chat-based customer care service where subscribers can log on and chat with a “Talk Ambassador” to get instant replies on their service problems or queries.

This is in addition to the conventional automated voice-assist service.

Tune Talk was officially launched on Aug 19 and has about 30,000 subscribers now, 80% of which registered online.

It said the number of subscribers is growing at an average of more 1,000 new sign-ups each day, and it hopes to sign up a million customers within its first year of operation.

As a mobile virtual network operator riding on Celcom (Malaysia) Bhd’s 2.5G network, Tune Talk offers a no-frills voice and SMS (short message service) package.

It charges a flat rate of 22sen per minute for calls to any operator in Malaysia while an SMS costs 5sen each. Its IDD rates are 10% to 30% cheaper than other operators, it claimed.

The Tune Talk starter pack retails at RM5 each and comes preloaded with RM5 worth of talktime.

Subscribers can reload via e-Pay centres, by buying top-up vouchers from any of the 10,000 Tune Talk dealers nationwide, or by paying online at the Tune Talk website.


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